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  1. First, thank you for the offer to give us credits for at least some of our ad's. I know many people are quick to point out negative in here (myself included) so I wanted to say thanks. That said, this is obviously still a huge mess. I have been credited, charged, told I would receive more credits than I got etc. etc. I do appreciate the offer, and I hope people can be understanding through some difficulties- however please understand that this is NOT play money for many of us. This is at least some portion, or in some cases our entire, real world income. We work very hard and pay a lot of money for ad's on top of the commissions on each sale. I do hope this issue will be corrected very, very soon.
  2. "Just because it doesn't fit some people's notion of what a game -is-, doesn't make it not a game. If you do something for fun, it is a game, even if its bouncing the ball for your dog, or wiggling a wand with a feather boa on the end for your cat - those are certainlt games without levels and winners. And if you are spending time in SL for any other reason then fun, then you ought to consider going back into RL, just because its not supposed to be specifically fun." Hm, well. According to this, then I must be the luckiest, or unluckiest person in the world. Since my store in SL is my "job", I guess it is pretty safe to say I use SL "for any other reason than fun", so according to you I should consider not doing it and going back to "RL". On the other hand, since "it is a game", I guess I am extremely lucky to be one who "gets paid to play a game". Your analogies are very poor, and very inaccurate. There are games inside of SL, yes. You can even use SL as a game, if that is what you want to do, sure. There are lots of people who login to do RP or whatever else and consider it to be a game. Thats fine. There are others who login and use it for socializing, both in fun and serious ways. There are people who "teach" through SL. There are fundraisers and non profit organizations in SL. Youre telling me all of these people are simply "playing a game"? I think not. My point is SL, in and of itself, can be whatever the USER wants it to be. If you chose to make your experience into a game thats fine, but it still doesnt make SL as a whole a game any more than you having a laugh at work and me saying its a "game" because you had "fun".
  3. SL is NOT a game. It doesnt have levels. It doesnt have points or scores. It doesnt have winners or losers. Well, it definitely has losers but thats a different topic. It's been very obvious to even the most casual observer, however, that LL is pushing it TO be a game. Although disappointing, its definitely not a surprise to see someone with so much "gaming" experience come in. I know many would like that, but for me personally I could not have any less interest in SL being a "game" than I do, and not only "will leave" as many in these forums say they will--then dont-- but have already moved my things to another grid, and will simply delete what is left in SL if it gets to a 'game' point. As for Rod, the new CEO, I have to admit being extremely skeptical with his game record that he will do anything other than make it just that, but I do like to give a chance to see before I assume, so I say welcome and I wish you (and all of us) the best. I'm interested to hea YOUR take on SL and where it is headed, and I think it will provide much more clarity (or at least your standing) on this never ending "game vs. not a game" topic
  4. Yet another great blog post title.. and yet another disappointment when I open it to read it. It's kind of uplifting and sad at the same time. The title clearly shows that LL knows they need to put some serious effort into customer service, but it is already very clear that it is going to be a step in the wrong direction.
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