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  1. I can't see others crosshairs - I realize that before somebody could turn theirs off but that wasn't the case for everybody in the room - at least that I noticed. Now I cant see anybodys - not even mine and I don't know how to turn my off. I realize it must be a simple solution - I just don't have it and can't find it
  2. I want to save chat IM's until I delete them. Is there a way to do that on SL Viewer?
  3. Thank you sooo much - both of you for your help I truly appreciate it
  4. I am not allowed to play some games cause of the number of scripts I am wearing - how do you find out what has sripts and how many?
  5. yes I saw it after I sent the first report - that's how I got your response - thank you very much - I did try this and didn't crash this afternoon so maybe that was the problem - keeping fingers crossed - thanks again
  6. I keep crashing when I walk through doorways or try to use camera - it only happens in sl v3 - I downloaded Singularity viewer to see if it worked and I had no problems - I like the SL viewer and don't want to switch. I am also wondering what the crash logger is used for? It doesn't seem to promote any action that I can see.
  7. I keep crashing at random times - it used to be when I walked through a doorway or was camming - now it seems that all I have to do is be standing still - it just does it when it feels like it - I have tried clean install - didn't work - this has been going on for a month or so already. Anybody have any answers? Thank you.
  8. I did try the clean install - but when I tried to use the link you provided above it said the page could not be found so don't know what that is about - the pc was perfectly fine until recently - it is clean so I don't know what else the problem could be - and yes I truly believe it is within the sl viewer since singularity works fine and it just recently started acting like this - but it is so frustrating and i want to stick with the sl viewer. Thank you for your help tho
  9. I am fine unless I try to use the cam controls or walk through a door - MOST of the time - sometimes just standing still and pooooooooooof I'm gone. I haven't changed anything - have tried to completely uninstall and reinstall the new version - but nothing seems to help. I have a relatively new computer and don't think it is my computer. Please help this is so frustrating. I did install singularity as a test and didn't have crash issues.
  10. I have an Avatar Name and dob showing in my screen for a month now. I cannot get rid of it - have sent an inquiry previously but it was not answered I have a picture of it but cannot post here. I am really stuck.
  11. There is an avatar name appearing in my screen - no matter where I go - it's always there. It appears on both my laptop which is vista and my new PC which is windows 8. I don't know how to get rid of it - it isn't somebody I talked to - has been there 3 days
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