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  1. Hi All... Thank you all for the answers but I still feel this is left open. I have always owned my own land in SL ...and have always been able to rez these Linden plants. Now that I rent land...the owner of the land made me an 'Officer' in the group...which gives the person more rights than an ordinary member of the group. Under 'abilities' (roles and abilities) one of the boxes says ...'able to rez Linden plants' ... this box is ticked. I am still unable to rez these plants. Cheers
  2. Hi Kalderi ....hmmm...I cannot even rez plants below on the ground....but thank you for you comment..much appreciated! :-) ...I can rez plants that I make...using textures...but they are not as good as the linden ferns and grasses... Message was edited by: Di Vultee
  3. Hi Marx... thank you for your quick response :-) ...yes it is under abilities...under roles...in the group settings...and yes it is ticked....
  4. Hi all....I am renting a platform on a private Island but I cannot rez any ferns...trees...grasses etc....from my inventory even tho the owner has made me an officer and given me the rights to do this. I am able to rez any other object and can even edit , copy, delete etc...everything but the plants...is there a reason for this...and is there any boxes that need to be ticked or anything I can do to enable me to rez Linden plants on my platform?
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