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  1. I've been living in parcel media land for some time because of the needs of my projects, so I have a question: Can I send different URLs to each resident? I need to have a common display, but I need each of them to see something unique to themselves in order to make my parcel work properly.
  2. 337 comments later and one thing is clear: there are going to be three opinions on what mesh is: A Stepping Stone A Stumbling Block A Chunk of the Sky that is in the Process of Falling Regardless of which camp you fall in one thing is certain: Mesh is coming. You can cheer, cry, call people names, hold up strawmen, make ad-hominem attacks or make allusions to communism but mesh is coming nonetheless, and if it's moving to public beta then it's coming sooner than later. These comments will neither speed up nor slow down it's arrival. So my question is this: what are you going to do? I fo
  3. Wow. You know, for someone so worried about elites you're sure quick to label and dismiss all these dissenting views. Good day.
  4. Prok Said: You'd sing a different tune if you were among the losers. I've been burned by a decision by a Lab employee. At one time I had the only YouTube video player in SL and was making hundreds of thousands of Lindens per month. One day Torley does a blog post where he shows how to perform a URL hack to make a YouTube video play inworld and my revenue stream literally dried up overnight as instantly there were 30 YouTube players on the market. It didn't matter that mine was the more solid product (it actually downloaded and recoded the videos in the background for longevity and better qua
  5. In that case they better go back and rethink sculpties. Ann the marketplace is already full of prim and sculpted naughty bits, the fact that mesh enables better looking naughty bits is not doing to turn SL into any more of a virtual Sodom & Gomorrah than it already is.
  6. This isn't about savaging a group, it's about introducing new tools. The automotive industry didn't hold back on the fuel injector because some poor mechanics would have to learn new tools, they went ahead and made the improvements that needed to be made in order to benefit the industry as a whole. Some mechanics no doubt retired rather than learn to service cars with fuel injectors and on-board computers, some refused to work on newer vehicles, the remaining mechanics acquired the new tools and skills required to continue operating. The difference here is there's no mandate, those who prefe
  7. "Let's at least see you guys argue this one out on the merits of the truth about it, that it is indeed a Linden windfall to a select class of people and it will CHANGE OUR WORLD COMPLETELY." It is a windfall to a self-selected class of people; those who choose to download blender and get to know how to use it, and who have the talent and skills to use it. Linden Lab is not handing out passes to select individuals to enable only them to upload meshes. Unless phase two in this master plan is to remove the ability to create objects inworld I'll stick to my opinion that this is a good thing. Ch
  8. Ann it sounds like they could come in and give everyone free candy and you'd be complaining about everyone getting cavities. If SL is to look better it needs better creation tools. Besides, we got sculpties and it didn't drive everyone but the "linden buddies" out of business. LL can't halt innovation forever just to keep the less skilled creators from going under.
  9. That's going to be a question for the third-party developers. And really, I'm guessing you will always have to deal with TPVs that reply on LL-released code, the effort level involved in a scratch-built viewer is monumental.
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