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  1. I feel like I'm in a room of mathematicians and everything is so far above my head lol. I was expecting to get somebody to mention a math equasion that would eliminate the need for so many if statements but it sounds like I've done it one of the most simplistic ways already. So it sounds like I just have too many and need to eliminate the redundant ones? Then I'm good? By the way I purposly left out what the project is since it's so difficult to explain, it'd make the whole thing even more complicated. You all can contact me in-world if you want to see it in action to fully understand what it is. Catch me sometime when I'm online if interested.
  2. OMG thank you all for your answers! I'm not sure that some of my rotations are really missing because some "mirrors" SL automatically fixes, so the script will never detect <180,90,0> for example, SL changes it then detects it as <0,90,180> I'll have to try the codes provided within the first few replies. Thank you for the continued help!
  3. I've had a complicated problem to solve with my script for over a week now and I can't come up with a way to calculate the result without spelling it all out in a long script. Can somebody find a way to simpilize this to make it much more efficiant and shorter? vector RoundRot; rotation MyRot=llGetRot(); vector Scale=llGetScale(); vector r=llRot2Euler(llGetRot())*RAD_TO_DEG; RoundRot=<RoundNinty(r.x),RoundNinty(r.y),RoundNinty(r.z)>; llSetRot(llEuler2Rot(<RoundNinty(r.x),RoundNinty(r.y),RoundNinty(r.z)>*DEG_TO_RAD)); if (RoundRot==<0,0,0> || RoundRot==<180,0,0> || RoundRot==<0,180,0> || RoundRot==<0,0,180>) { if (llRound(Scale.x) % 2 == 0) Xoffset=0.5; else Xoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.y) % 2 == 0) Yoffset=0.5; else Yoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.z) % 2 == 0) Zoffset=0.5; else Zoffset=0; } else if (RoundRot==<0,0,90> || RoundRot==<0,0,-90> || RoundRot==<-180,0,-90> || RoundRot==<180,0,90> || RoundRot==<180,0,-90> || RoundRot==<-180,0,90>) { if (llRound(Scale.x) % 2 == 0) Yoffset=0.5; else Yoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.y) % 2 == 0) Xoffset=0.5; else Xoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.z) % 2 == 0) Zoffset=0.5; else Zoffset=0; } else if (RoundRot==<90,0,0> || RoundRot==<-90,0,0> || RoundRot==<-90,0,-180> || RoundRot==<90,0,180> || RoundRot==<90,0,-180> || RoundRot==<-90,0,180>) { if (llRound(Scale.y) % 2 == 0) Zoffset=0.5; else Zoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.z) % 2 == 0) Yoffset=0.5; else Yoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.x) % 2 == 0) Xoffset=0.5; else Xoffset=0; } else if (RoundRot==<0,90,0> || RoundRot==<0,-90,0> || RoundRot==<0,-90,-180> || RoundRot==<0,90,180> || RoundRot==<0,-90,180> || RoundRot==<0,90,-180>) { if (llRound(Scale.z) % 2 == 0) Xoffset=0.5; else Xoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.x) % 2 == 0) Zoffset=0.5; else Zoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.y) % 2 == 0) Yoffset=0.5; else Yoffset=0; } else if (RoundRot==<0,90,90> || RoundRot==<0,-90,-90> || RoundRot==<0,-90,90> || RoundRot==<0,90,-90>) { if (llRound(Scale.z) % 2 == 0) Xoffset=0.5; else Xoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.x) % 2 == 0) Yoffset=0.5; else Yoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.y) % 2 == 0) Zoffset=0.5; else Zoffset=0; } else if (RoundRot==<90,0,90> || RoundRot==<-90,0,-90> || RoundRot==<90,0,-90> || RoundRot==<-90,0,90>) { if (llRound(Scale.z) % 2 == 0) Yoffset=0.5; else Yoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.x) % 2 == 0) Zoffset=0.5; else Zoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.y) % 2 == 0) Xoffset=0.5; else Xoffset=0; } else if (RoundRot==<0,-90,-180> || RoundRot==<0,90,-180>) { if (llRound(Scale.z) % 2 == 0) Xoffset=0.5; else Xoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.x) % 2 == 0) Zoffset=0.5; else Zoffset=0; if (llRound(Scale.y) % 2 == 0) Yoffset=0.5; else Yoffset=0; }This part of my script just basically sets an offset of 0 or 0.5 depending on the rotation of the prim, which is rounded to the nearest 90 degrees. It works PERFECT but I feel like it shouldn't be this complicated!
  4. I have a geometry question/problem I need help with that is too complex for me to explain here! Can I get somebody to contact me in-world so I can show you? Willing to pay L$ for an answer.
  5. I'm a scripter and I've run into a geometry problem I can't quite solve. It may or may not be easy to solve, easier if you know scripting. I can pay well, please contact me in-world or leave me a message here. (The issue is too complicated to explain without showing you in-world) Thanks in advance!
  6. So I have two scripts talking with eachother. One script sends a string of numbers to the other. Lets say it sends "123". The other receives the numbers and breaks them down. The receiving script uses the numbers for the "mode" for llSetTextureAnim. Basically: How can I turn 123, into 0x01|0x02|0x04 ? I don't understand Bitwise at all...
  7. I'm using QAvimator currently and I'm trying to do a simple arm pointing outward pose but I want the legs to still move if walking. How do I do this? Thanks in advance!
  8. GRAND OPENING TODAY! We have: Archery contest / highscores board Riddles Many puzzles to figure out Challenges to put you to the test! Prizes for each challenge you complete
  9. We have a pre-opening of the Bushido Challenges today and a grand opening tomorrow! You don't have to be samarui but it does help. Do you have the skills to complete all 7 challenges? Read the article below and come check us out. http://wintersights.wordpress.com/2014/12/18/the-bushido-challenge/ I am the scripter for these challenges so any problems you find with the pre-opening, please IM me or reply here and they will be fixed asap. I also very much enjoy feedback on my work. See you there!
  10. if the contents of the prim changes, the object is (for some reason) re-selected rather then the contents... so if you're deleting more than one thing in a row, you select one, hit delete and it is gone, inventory refreshes and highlights the next thing automatically, hitting delete a second time will actually delete the prim itself, you have to manually click each inventory item regardless of if it looks highlighted... happens to me all the time
  11. So I'm working on a project where my client has all objects rezzed to the main group. He has a secondary group he invites visitors to and the newest project has the visitors going through a teleport which is group only, but he wants it to use the visitor group NOT the land group. I'm trying to find a way around the auto return time (which is needed for visitors) but I haven't found a successful way yet. Posts online show linking and breaking links resets time as well as re-rezzing itself, but looks like SL fixed those methods? I was just wondering if there are any others we could use in a pinch like this. Also, would deeding the object or anything like that help at all?
  12. @Innula: llSetRot can't be used in the rotation field for rezzing an object which is what I need. Thank you however for trying, I'll look it over and see if I can pull anything useful from it. @everybody else: Thank you! Perfect.
  13. I have run into this issue before and after hours of working with it, I found a solution that works. You can message me in-world if you still need help with this.
  14. About me: I am an experienced scripter and have been scripting in SL since about 2007 and in other programs since about 1999. I have experience in game-making, business scripts, gadgets, and am recently getting into SL combat. I enjoy making low-lag scripts that work as efficiantly as possible. Costs: My quality guarantee goes for any of my products. If you are not happy with the final result, there is NO cost to you! I am available for small to medium sized scripting jobs right now and am willing to work with you based on your ability to pay. I am willing to sell full perms, or limited if you have a limited budget. If you would like to see some of my works, I can show you some of my past jobs in-world or you can visit my marketplace store and see my own custom creations. Want help for free? If you are good with mesh or animations, I'm willing to trade services! I need a little of both right now. Want to learn how to script? I *may* be willing to take somebody under my wing and teach them how to script. This person would have to at least have the basic knowledge of what scripting is, curiousness is a plus, if you like to mess around with scripts but don't really know how to do it from scratch. This person would also have to be online at least semi-often and be in good contact. C O N T A C T M E You can contact me in-world. Yamil Dagger First come, first priority.
  15. if it helps any, I'm also trying this... float angle = llAcos(MyPos * ObjectPos);llRezAtRoot("Point",MyPos,<0,0,0>,llAxisAngle2Rot(<0,0,1>,angle),1); still with no success sofar.
  16. I know it may be easier but thats my question. Any help?
  17. Wouldn't all of those you've mentioned sofar be scripted on the object itself? I need the rotation to rez the object which is unscripted.
  18. Sorry I realize you need more info. I'm rezzing an object ofwhich I need to face another object when rezzed. It's a long prim, pole shaped, only long on the z axis which I want to point to a target vector when rezzed. This should point regardless of my current rotation. I just need the calculation for the rotation upon rez. Right now I'm trying llRotBetween(MyPos,ObjectPos) but it doesn't seem to be working correctly.
  19. Can somebody tell me what function I can use to calculate the rotation needed from yourself/object to another object? I just need to be able to say from point A (which is the object with the script) to point B, which will be another vector position.
  20. This is because of your screen resolution. A good graphics card will allow for a high resolution, making things very small but allowing for more overall space to work in. Right click on your desktop and click "Screen Resolution". You can adjust it there. You can even click the link at the bottom that says "Make text and other items larger or smaller" which helps. Try 150% or 175%.
  21. Can somebody explain to me why explosions from grenades and missles...etc don't trigger any kind of collision event? I am working on a collision detector and I simply die instantly with no response if it's an explosion. How can I still detect it?
  22. Thank you Darkie for trying to help but like I said tit is extremely important that communication is BOTH ways. That example helps because it shows how the website can capture information but it does not communicate back. Also you would need SQL databases to save the information which it doesn't show. This is why I need an example. If I can see it in action I can make it work for my needs. I'm not looking for something specific for my use.
  23. I have followed multiple examples to a T and have gotten not a single one to work correctly... I have been able to send data but the website and/or SQL database never recieves anything. I am guessing they are all old and nolonger working so I need an updated one. Anybody have one they KNOW works?
  24. I despretly need a simple example of SL sending info to and recieving from a website/SQL database! I will pay L$ for a working example if anybody has one or knows somebody who does! It is very important that communication is BOTH ways. Thank you in advance!
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