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  1. Well, you mentioned logos. Are you able to create professional looking logos in Photoshop or something similar? I personally would pay someone to create a nice logo for my own store, I'm sure others would as well. Along that same line, signs sell fairly well and you can list them on marketplace as well. Many folks would buy custom signage as well.
  2. You and the others are amazing Gaia! Thank you so much
  3. Telazorn, I found the solution a few days after posting this thread. as soon as I can remember how I resolved it I will be happy to share with you. Im at work right now, I'll think about it til I get off and send u a message inworld if I can remember ... I should have some notes about it at home.
  4. oh i forgot to add this: pc #1 windows 7 home premium pc #2 windows vista home premium with service pack 2
  5. Hi Charlar and thank you. pc #1 - a month old - add on g-force 430 w/2gb ram, latest drivers, updated about 3 days ago. pc #2 - this is the pc i replaced with the new one, i still play with it. It has an add on g-force 9600 w/1gb ram Last night i was really frustrated about this and i made a last ditch effort to figure it out. First i disabled antivrus to see if that was killing it... no joy, then i disabled firewall and still no joy. I have a second user account on my #1 pc, i , logged out and switched to the other user account. Mesh viewer works fine on that account. I logged in to SL and played around a bit, visting the mesh sandboxes just to get a look at whats being done. I then logged out and switched back to the main account on my pc, and tried SL mesh viewer again. Same problem, I double click the icon, i watch on task manager, it starts up and dies about 10 seconds later. I have no idea what is different. every other version of SL viewer works fine for me, although i usually use Phoenix viewer for the build tools. Hope this helps, thank you
  6. Im still having trouble. The same problem on two different computers, surely I'm not the only one. Can anyone help me? thanks!
  7. Well thanks York, same problem, it dies on launch
  8. I dont think i have... downloading it now, I will report later, thank you
  9. Hello, I need help. I cannot get the mesh viewer to open on either of 2 computers. Computer A has windows 7 and computer B has windows Vista. Computer B had an older version of the mesh viewer that worked fine until one day i tried to use it and the viewer said i had to update. I updated and now its broken. I try to open the program and nothing happens, no error, no nothing. I tried watching task manager and i see it appear in process list for a few seconds then it dies. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I tried uninstalling, cleared cache on production viewer then reinstalled and still same problem. I also tried manually adding the exectable to my firewall. Nothing i try works. I have tried to find the errorlog with no luck. Maybe someone can tell me how to find it. I did manage to get it working on my old laptop with linux, but i do not want to use that computrer on SL. Can someone help me please? Are lindens watching this forum? Thank you
  10. I seem to hae this same problem. I tried severasl versions of the mesh viewer and always same result. The program never opens, i watch task manager and it pops up for a moment and dies. I am running windows 7 64 bit. I cannot find the log file and I dont know how to open a jira. can anyone help me? thanks!
  11. Check out HTCS which we use in New Barataria. Like RPS it supports combat (the only way u will be able to measure damage from falling,etc is with life meter/combat support) but its primary function is roleplay. It has much more to offer than I can explain here... medical healing features, factions, quests, crafting, building and plant damage, create fire etc. Message me in world and I will send u more info if interested, I'm at 6 right now and at a disadvantage
  12. Greetings, I am the admin for New Barararia. Since u said u have trouble using search, we can be found here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Darkstar%20Enterprises/182/176/599 New barataria is Victorian steampunk ... think of the wild wild west movie or the old TV show of the same name. We also have vampires but we do not use the bloodlines HUD.
  13. Child avatars are welcome on New Barararia Victorian Steampunk Roleplay sim within the restrictions in our posted rules. Note New Barataria is a metered combat-roleplay sim with MATURE rating http://slurl.com/secondlife/Darkstar%20Enterprises/182/176/599
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