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  1. Thank you for the information. I know it's a lot of work you all (staff and moles) are working hard getting everything set up and ready to release the regions to the public. I'm looking forward to this new mailbox system and the future regions upcoming releases. 🙂
  2. I want to take the opportunity to thank @Patch Linden, Moles, and every LL staff that are working on the new Linden Homes. Keep up the great work! 🙂 Everyone who wants to complain that the homes aren't coming out fast, think about how it would feel when people come after you for not getting your stuff done quickly. Give them some slack. They work 7 days a week getting everything all set up and making sure that the regions are operational and that the ideal look that we want to see comes out amazing. Rather they take their time to make sure that everything is fully functional than having them release something that might come with issues that could cause future delays in other regions. I understand everyone is eager to get the new homes, and I can see why because they are amazing! My suggestion for everyone is to let them do their job and as soon as they are ready to release them, I'm sure they will make some announcement on the official page. So please give them the space and be patient. 🙂
  3. After reading about the last names, I am excited to see the amount of progress that was made and ready to be release to the public. Having the fee, while I understand it seems crazy to have it, I understand the reason behind it. Maybe it's only temporary for the fee and who knows what the future will bring. The premium plus was brought up awhile ago when the price for premiums went up. For those who missed the talk about it can be found on here. I think having different tiers is great because it brings more revenue to Second Life which can help product and better performance.
  4. So, people did ask for premium tiers awhile back when the prices for the Premiums were going up. I even offered the idea of doing a premium tier.
  5. Just give them time. An old saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day." I know it can be frustrating in trying to get home, but be patient. They are working hard to get the homes release. If they rush and release them without checking for bugs then they would have to go back and fix them which can cause delays in releasing new homes. The new homes look amazing! Both Patch and the Moles did an incredible job. I want to send my thanks to both Patch and the Moles for the hard work they are putting in. Just keep checking the Linden Home page to see if there's any release.
  6. Hi Cassie! Yes, you will be able to get the new linden home. Of course, it is first come first serve and they are going out quickly, but don't give up. They try to release them everyday or every other day depending on how much they've completed. Just don't give up. Keep checking to see if it is available. 😃
  7. Yes there are. Depend on the new Linden Homes you have there is a way for you to get it. If you have the regular house, just click on the mailbox and choose LH- Content Creations Pack. Just open the box and all of the textures will be in it. Houseboat:
  8. This was me when I got my houseboat.
  9. Second Life Staff work hard and try to listen to the community. After hearing positive feedback about the cabin they want to give it a go. It's not easy to please everyone, but they do take feedback from the community so they can learn and improve the quality on Second Life. Just be patient with the new homes, they want to make sure that the homes won't have problems when the residents claim them. The Lindens and Moles are working non-stop to make sure the homes are ready to be release. I know it can be annoying to wait for them and then it gets taken quickly. Just keep checking the Linden Homes page to see if any new homes are available. As for deleting negative comments that's not true. As long as you aren't violating the community forums then your post will stay up.
  10. I was wondering where @Patch Linden placed the stone. I couldn't find it, but now I see. It's underwater. After the house is nicely decorated I will hold a memorial service.
  11. Before you release them to contact the Ghostbusters team to make sure no ghosts are hiding in the homes.😉
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