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  1. Alright, it has been a week, and I have not seen anything on this viewer source, is it hidden in some obscure corner of the Snowstorm wiki? as well, there are no links to the source on the downloads page like there is with the Display names...
  2. Actually, I had rebuilt the one I have now... It's just the motherboard cannot handle any processors I can afford right now... and quite frankly, I should not have to spend a fair amount of money just so the lindens can keep 5 minutes of their day. For this, I have a made a Jira for all with this problem. Anything you can add to it would be extremely helpful. Also, (I managed to get on the mesh beta with my dying laptop which has SSE2, but can only play sl for 3 minutes before crashing...) Please add a scale slider or text area for imported things, cause i exported a few models i made into collada, and they were excessivly large when rezzed, and i did them at the same scale, so adding this would help a lot!
  3. Well, it's the end of the week, has the source been released yet? (I am finding it impossible to find anything on the snowstorm page, its like walking thru a... snowstorm, lawl)
  4. Heheh, not as bad as my 1024 sized one... So yeah, even though there is a "Scale" button there, it does nothing for the actual scale of the rezzed object.
  5. It is installed to a seporate folder... i reinstalled it 3 times, with 3 diffrent downloads... buuut, cant hurt to try it... again... Nope. Same result.
  6. First off, i hate macs and do not use them (OSX is mac's OS right?), and second of all, i can run most games perfectly with my old computer, not everyone has the money to dish out for some fancy new computer. And my comp is 5 years old aproxamatly... and I can still play COD MW2 with it's shaodws and such on...
  7. You forgot about Non-SSE2 people! "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc000001d). Click on OK to terminate the application."
  8. So, can we get an aproximate time of release? Really want to try this out...
  9. Ok, what the heck? I was in mid-download and suddenly the viewer vanishes from the DL page, stopping my download too, what is going on?!?
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