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  1. @Gentle I am afraid I must correct you, at the risk of bursting your bubble. Using the results of this survey as a basis of your claim that 20% of SL's audience has some sort of disability is simply erroneous! Second Life is NOT what is referred to with the term: Casual Game. Without getting technical, the term refers to games such as Bubble Shooter, found at http://www.bubbleshooter.net/ and other (often) web browser based games. Commonly they require very little commitment from their audience, deliver almost instant gratification and does not have a steep learning curve. The article Gen
  2. I think the general opinion is that this sucks, and as someone who is in the process of starting up a project where the budget for sims has already been fixed I certainly agree. But lets drop the melodrama and stop predicting the eminent death of SL, -while this is surely an unfortunate move it wil not kill education in SL or SL as such nor will it lead to a massive exodus. For my part I am simply forced to downsize (and pay my tier well in advance), so this will not lead to more dough in Philips pockets, and I would wager that this will be the predominant strategy for dealing with this probl
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