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  1. I wanted to give a little feedback =D I used all LOD slots Tho, I put the highest LOD item with ~5K tris in the first three spots and an automatic generated veeeery low thingy in the lowest LOD spot. I did that because the hand made LOD files were messed up by the viewer import =/ Maybe I should make a new UV set for each LOD level? I have to investigate this issue. But anyways. Doing it this way I have a beautiful item attached to my avatar and it looks good from all directions and distances. It changes to the lowest LOD in a distance were I can hardly recognize the shape of the attachmen
  2. Ann Otoole wrote: But PE is just the number related to linking. What you have to look out for is render cost. I don't think we have all the information on render cost and derendering avatars that exceed some unknown maximum limit. So go as low poly as you can. Maybe later we will get all the details on exactly what the deal is with derendering high render cost avatars. Keep in mind LL's idea of bad design began at 1500 ARC and that is pretty lame stuff. This is what is considered game ready low poly: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3dsmax-sea-creature-low-poly/387012 I.e.; some peopl
  3. Maeve Balfour wrote: [...] It's the LOD factor and associated cost that pushes the PE factor up - being smallish items in the world view, the LODs drop away very quickly [...] Thanks for this insight view of your experiences, Maeve =) I experienced the same issue with the LODs dropping away very quickly on smallish items. My plan was to keep the Tris at least in the first 2 spots at a higher level and then drop down hard Now I read your experiences I guess that's the direction I should recon. And I will make some experiments with the physics shape as well. Maeve Balfour wrote: A
  4. From what I can see I understand that it's clearly the "none" in LODs which made the huge PE value. Now I'm down to 21PE instead of 230PE. What a difference! And that's by quickly creating dirty reduced versions of the actual item. And I believe this is an acceptable PE for attachments =D Thanks a lot!
  5. Ashasekayi Ra wrote: Edit: I just saw your post while I was typing. lol Yes, leaving all those LOD spots on none is a big no no. That means those 5000 triangles are left on for every LOD. That will make the PE sky rocket. Plus, you are forcing someone's viewer to render 5000 triangles they can't even really see from 256+ meters away. Whohoo xDD Ok! Well, that's my bad then, haha. Because I was too lazy for "just testing". Plus I thought keeping the LODs empty would save me PE. Although I wondered who would use LODs to "lower the quality if it works just perfect with just one LOD" anyway
  6. Wow ok. So filling the LOD spots in the way you described would reduce the overall PE for the item? Will the PE differ depending from which distance I "inspect" the item or will the overall PE be lower in generell?
  7. Ashasekayi Ra wrote: I'd say that a good maximum triangle count for a single attachment is 4000 triangles.  And, that is a lot. Most items wouldn't need near that much. Thank you =) The actual item (non rigged attachment) has a Tris Count of 5000 and a PE of 230. The "lo-fi" version with only 2900 Tris gets a PE of ~130 >.< And thats why I wondered because I have done some "Next Gen" modeling and never went over ~5000 Tris It would be no problem at all to keep the same item down to ~1600 Tris even. But of course it wouldnt look as smooth and clean as a ~5000 Tris item =D I
  8. Haha! Thanks for the answer =D I have an item already uploaded to SL made of 6 (64x64) sculpty prims. Now I uploaded the same maya scene as a mesh and went all the way up to 930 PE =D Of course it would never have the same PE if I'd remodel the same item from scratch and optmized for mesh. But does the amount of sculpty vertices affect servers and such exactly like vertices of mesh does? If so... then reducing the amout of vertices/polygons would be the real deal instead of watching PE, right? Ps: Is 256 a "magic" number regarding PE?
  9. Thanks guY! And for accessories attached to the avatar? Like Shoes, Shirts, Hats, Hair and such? Stuff you would hardly put on the parcel ground but to the avatar attachment points?
  10. Hey Drongle =D Thanks for the reply! I opened a thread for this topic: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/PE-Reasonable-PE-for-attachments-accessoires/td-p/1031097 Would you mind to copy your answer over to it because I think its really helpful? =D Leeza
  11. Hello =) I read some threads about the PE (prim-equivalent) and wanted to ask the question what PE value would be acceptable by the vast SL community (means: by you) =D Remembering the discussion about rendering costs a while back I thought it would be interesting to think about the opinion regarding reasonable average and maximum PE values for avatar attachments/accessoires. My point is: If you sell meshed items with too much PE (in the opinion of too many people) it could affect the business negatively at some point. For example: I made a ~60PE item which looks ok but hardly better than
  12. Mylar wrote: so you uploaded the actual sculpties as meshes? Sculpties use a lot of unnecessary faces. I have a 6 prim sculpty item that I was able to get to 3 PE with mesh (and it looks better than the sculpty one). Yes =) It was just for fun and I uploaded an item which is already in SL build of sculpted prims. It is 6 prims in SL now. The same and untouched maya scene exported as a dae file and uploaded as a mesh would be 960 PE =D Of course a mesh really doesnt need that much faces. But now I wonder what PE could be considered as a PE which would be acceptable by the SL community. I r
  13. I just test uploaded a simple item made of 6 sculpties which is 960 PE as mesh I think thats funny. Does mesh really challenge the servers or so that much harder than sculpty vertices do? What is a reasonable PE for accessoires anyways? It would depend on the item and modeling skillz and the way you achive your goal. But what would be like an average and a maximum PE which would be acceptable for the SL community? Any ideas? =D Leeza
  14. Hello =) What I made is to bake out the shadows on a plane with a white material on it that does not reflect any lights. After that I put the baked texture in the alpha channel in photoshop, inverted it and saved it as a tga (32 bit) file. The black areas (grey to black areas) of the alpha channel will make the texture transparent.
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