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  1. Always been a fan of the original series ('65-'89) the stories were a lot better and full episodes were movie length so they had time to tell a good story. Even watching them today, a lot of the effects / creatures and makeup were pretty impressive especially for the time they were made. Yes, it was still campy, but it also had a more mature take on the story / characters.

    The modern day Dr. Who is aimed more to children than the original was and the classic stories are crammed into 45 min shows so it can't be as involved or fleshed out as the original was.

    That one episode awhile back with Matt Smith "Spaceships and Dinosaurs" was a perfect example of "Sesame Street in Space" But as an old fan, I still watch the new ones, I just keep hoping they will get better, lol. But there have been a few that were decent and harkened back to the original more. The 2 part episode with David Tennent, "The Imposable Planet" and "The Satan Pit" was probably my fave of the modern one.


  2. Ouch, sorry to hear that, but yea, you could file a ticket but LL has a general policy to not get involved between user disputes.

    Solution is to never rent land from anyone for any reason. Sounds extreme, but I have been burned even by "legit" well known and established land renters, It's all about business. Had a nice 1/4 sim I was renting awhile back, had it for almost a good year and the land owners were helpful if I had an issue, but one day, they wanted to flip the sim and rent it to peeps looking for PG land (land was mature at the time) so one day "poof" stuff was returned and land was reset with no notice.

    Good thing I wasn't running a business or store there, lol.

    But on the bright side I do have a funny reverse story. My first week in SL back in '08, I really wanted land to do stuff on so (since LL had a time limit on when you could purchase lindens, think account had to be a few weeks old) I got some L$ from a 3rd party site and purchased a 1/4 plot.

    Didn't know about tier so I never paid it and had no idea what that object was in the center of the plott that said "rent box" so I right clicked it and returned the object to the owner, lol. After I was on SL for awhile and learned about tier and how land rental works, then it dawned on me why all my stuff was gone one day, haha.

  3. Not sure if it's the issue, but sounds like it, when you upload an item and duplicate an existing magic box item, it moves the Magic Box item to "Unassociated" items list. At the bottom under associated items I had to manually activate the DD item.

    Don't worry about deleting the old Magic Box item untill you replace everything, they will just keep poping back untill you take up your magic box inworld, then "Sync" in MP and should clear all the old listings.

  4. I forget what it's called exactly, but It's a nice script engine you can purchase on Marketplace. It's a RP door script. You can edit it to do exactly what you want the door to do (answer a question) and if they don't want to answer it, you can enable the option for the player to "kick down" the door or even "lockpick" it. I believe it even has animations you can use or replace via UUID in the script.

  5. I use a logitech g-13 game pad (mini keyboard) as my "joystick" it's a nice little controller for my left hand, mouse for the right and keyboard when I need to type.

    I also use a 360 controller rarely, but does ok for using certain vehicles. Riding bikes or cars is great with the left hand keypad if macrod right, controller for boats, hard to control planes.

    This is pretty much my setup, minus the headset (use a much better one)


  6. Heh, Funny thing is when they introduced the Direct Delivery system, initially, they said you had to change, so I started to migrate then they changed their minds and said they had no intention of getting rid of current Magic Box system before I moved anything so I just left it at that.

    Haven't heard anything since until I went to put up a new build on my shop yesterday and saw everything was unlisted in my store. DOH!

  7. Yup, orig issue seems to be LOD but as far as the missing prim things, there are 2 options that can fix and one that can't.

    1st one is the Object to Object Occlusion setting. When enabled, it will only rez a certain ammount of objects on your screen at once, so it will seem like the missing prim issue untill you uncheck.

    When I see the missing prim thing I always go into options and check that setting because I have seen it recheck itself for no reason before, lol.

    The other is speed rezzing via Daw distance stepping. If you have this enabled sometimes prims don't seem to all come in.

    With both enabled I usually have great frame rates as I speed rez nothing ... woot!

  8. I looked into the broadcasting license thing not too long ago and found nothing about needing a license to DJ in SL. You do however need a licence to broadcast music if you own a terrestial radio station (broadcasting over radio waves) 

    Internet streaming is not covered since it is not broadcasted via radio tower. But if you own an internet radio station that also broadcasts over a radio frequency then you need a license to broadcast.


  9. Well, when you see an avatar with that plastic barbie doll newb skin, half naked with no hair, their bits showing through their clothes that don't even match their skin tone, holding one shoe in their right hand, i'm pretty sure you just ran into a noob.

    But my personal definition is just someone who is "new" to the "game, app, program" etc.

  10. In older viewers and mod V1 viewers like Cool VL, the Object slider is linked to the Debug "LOD Factor" as in they change the same setting and I know when I set them to 8 in debug (above the 2.5 max) it does make quite a difference. Only problem is a lot of people experience major crashing issues after, especially with a high draw distance and LOD factor. I Know nothing about V2/3/Firestorm viewers as they are useless to me, but higher LOD than the slider allows should work. I think 8 is the max though.

  11. Well, if you just stand in one place and watch prims dry, SL can be pretty boring, but SL is a big place and if nothing else catches your interest, you can random teleport (which is a fun pastime of mine, lol) or do a destination search for places to see.

    But there is also ALOT you can do or be a part of than a lot of people realize. Here are just a few I can think of off the top of my head. (some of these were already suggested, but will list anyway. And if nothing else, you could always brain storm and figure out something new that no one else is doing.

    DJ (live DJ, "Auto DJ" (just spinning tunes from your playlist to others), professional live DJ)

    Live artist (For music, stream your open mic sessions)

    Landowner (buy land and rent out)

    Content Creator (make furniture, buildings, vehicles, pets, toys, scripts, clothes, full perm mesh and or sculpted objects, create and sell custom textures, and much more)

    Become an Event manager (not just for clubs, but for charity events and a myriad of other events held in SL)

    Become a club owner (Benefit is you can hire staff (DJ's, live music) that plays the genre you like

    Run a modeling agency (yes there are those in SL that get paid to model creators clothing as well as "Agencies" that do runway shows as well)

    Join a group that involves a common interest you share. (there are groups you can join that are just groups people IM in based on just common interests (like radio or TV show groups, music groups, hobby groups)

    Run or be an employee for a Virtual magazine (there are many virtual magazines in second live that cover everything in SL and even RL topics)

    Join a Motorcycle MC (lots are just role-play motorcycle groups, but some are groups consisting of people that just like bikes in SL or RL, create them in SL as well as ride em RL and or SL)

    Go to any Info Hub and watch the madness (or join it)

    Make your own SL video tutorials and post 'em on You Tube

    Become a Second Life Mentor and help newbies find things to do

    Get involved in Machinima (Making movies, recording your SL adventures, do it professionally in SL (there are SL "shows" that you can watch with an SL TV)

    Get into the adult scene and create your own adult content, run a strip club, sex club, BDSM dungeon.. etc.




    Create your own group and get more than one mind together to try and figure out what to do in Second Life :matte-motes-evil-invert:


  12. I have ran into that issue.  Seems to be whenever I install a new viewer, either LL official or a TPV (either clean install or update) that happens to me as well. Nothing worked, I just had to wait it out. Took three days for me to finally appear in the one viewer I use all the time.

    Don't use the other viewers enough to uncloud, but will probably take a few sessions to "pop" back.

    Once I pop back, i'm ok untill I update again, then have to wait again, lol.

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