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  1. I have talked to several people who didn't get their stipends on 11/24/2020. Anyone else in the same (sinking) boat?
  2. Some of the things I've done with My shy girl: I've sent her out to take pictures of herself with naked men (sometimes she's to tell them, sometimes not) and sometime's she's dressed, and sometimes not. I've left her places where she'd be seen naked, occasionally on a cross or wearing a yoke and spreader. I have given her writing assignments I have sent her on 'scavenger hunts'. I have given her building/scripting/clothing creation tasks I've sent My other girl out to give a given number of $5L oral favors Lots of things are possible when when we're not here to supervise them.
  3. Try Cool VL Viewer. It's Mesh capable, and it has the old V1 interface. Cool VL Viewer ENJOY! ~Pirate
  4. When I started, 5 yrs ago, thre were only 15 groups, I thought 25 was wonderful! hehe
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