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  1. On the one hand, the increased group capacity is lovely, and welcome. I've been juggling my "active" set of groups too long, and though I'm sure I'll get into that same juggling act soon, it won't be nearly as painful with 42 as it has been with 25. Teleports is what I want to rave about though. I am one of those people who cheers when a teleport actually works. Between my collar, pony tack, etc. (all locked on, so advice to reduce my script load is pointless), I am heavily loaded with scripts and it's dismaying to have to spend 15 minutes just trying to get to the stables. Since the compression rolled out, I haven't had a single failure (and I'll be honest, I've been trying to make it fail). Yes, I'm well outside the "normal" curve for script loading, but I'm not all that unusual and I can say this: To my mind, teleports are now fixed, and the single biggest irritant in my SL experience has been corrected at last. Well done, LL, very well done!
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