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  1. Greets! I am currently hiring the below two positions for active project work. Please contact me inworld at Mizzy Maltz - notecard not needed! Animation creator / animator I often need specific animations for products I am making and can't find appropriate ones on the market. Animations will *not* be sold as-is - only as part of scripted products. I already do enough things myself and just would prefer to pay someone for quality work Examples of poses I will likely want are various bento holding poses, stands, and sits, for unique products. Fitted Mesh Rigger I'm a mesher myself but am still learning and have the most trouble rigging for more than one body, mostly due to lack of time. I need someone who can help rig mesh I create to support eBody Reborn and Maitreya Lara bodies, and a few mods like Maze Soft Thighs and Mounds. GenX might be added in the future, but not yet. Applicants will be offered a PAID trial project to see how we work together. I could keep someone pretty busy for a long time, and I'm hoping for long-lasting mutually-beneficial business partnerships. Examples of my style are in my Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/1069
  2. PM me inworld! Grandfathered or BD preferred, but happy to discuss others.
  3. Hey guys! I'm looking for a gift card system for merchants that is: Actively maintained / supported Works in any object such as a custom vendor (not a vendor system like Casper) I've found a couple on the Marketplace but they are super old and not supported any longer.
  4. I'm a full-perm content creator (with a focus on scripting, textures, mesh, and web design/web development) and I'm looking for: Events to participate in (charity events, fairs, etc)Vendor space in upscale locations geared toward content creators or buildersThemed events to sell brand new or custom work in I may also potentially be interested in investment or promotion opportunities. In-World Store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Azure Deepwater/213/218/22 Marketplace Store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/1069 Website: http://www.compilance.net Contact me in-world :)
  5. Just to chime in, I'm a full-permission content creator and the bulk of my sales are my textures. I sell both normal textures and materials texture kits, and both sell the same amount. So I would say yes, quite a lot of people still buy textures, but the bar for quality is much higher than it used to be.
  6. Still accepting projects! Specialities of mine include: Custom high-rez textures Custom LSL scripting Graphic design Branding / Logo design Web site design Web development Databases
  7. I've been actively developing content in SecondLife for 10 years. I run a SL scripting company and am an active artist for TRU Textures. I've been a web developer and designer for over 14 years. I'm happily accepting new projects and my prices are negotiable based on the project and needs! You can visit my Marketplace store for various examples: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/1069 Contact me inworld to discuss your project! ~ Mizzy Maltz
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