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  1. patriotic.png


    This is an easy one! Wear your national colors, a costume that reflects your heritage, or even wrap a flag around you, just cover the bits! 400L$ up for grabs for those that represent! We have the best DJs on the grid here taking your requests, hospitable host and delicious dancers await your arrival.

    We are also having a benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project in honor if Independence Day US.. kiosks are located throughout the Club for your generous donations!




  2. VMMAGICMNR3.png


    Club Velvet Manor is proud to present our next mall hunt, Magic at the Manor, in honor of the summer and wedding season. Friday May 18th to Sunday June 17th, 10 gifts will be magically hidden throughout our mall, hand picked and created by some of SLs finest designers. Click on the sign at the landing point for more information and a list of our sponsors! Join us for a magical month long celebration!



  3. Charredblack.png


    Join Us at 9pm-11pm for Best in Black featuring Charred Designs!! If you haven't already done so, come on over and meet owner/designer Blaze Firelight and co-owner Mick Corith. They'll be giving away gift cards, cash prizes and a peek at her sizzling new line! New outfits on sale for night ONLY! 

    DJ Diamonique Viper and our fantastic staff will be here bringing you great company and some of your favorite tunes! Hop in our first class limo and take a trip to SL's Smoothest Club on the grid.


  4. bestinBlack.png

    Tonight at 9-11pm Velvet Manor presents an all time VIP fave, Best In Black! DJ Deryk 'Blackheart' and VM's cream of the crop will be here to greet you at the door~

    Black is the color of the night sky, and of your darkest desires. Come along and celebrate the darkness within. Short and Sexy you can't beat the little black dress, or long flowing ebony dresses. Men in Black suits, *PURRS* or tight black T-shirts, *YUMMY*. Black brings out the sexiness in us all. Come and join us for your chance to win L$$$. 


  5. charredcomeasyouare2.png

    Velvet Manor partners up with Charred Designs once more to bring you another prime time mid-week event~ Come as U R featuring DJ Diamonique Viper  and our fabulous dancers will be at the door to greet you and get you on your way for a chance to WIN!! Cash prizes, Gift Cards, Live Music, GREAT company at the smoothest club on Second Life~

    TONIGHT from 9-11pm!!


  6. We're having live DJ's all day spinnin' some of your favorite tunes!! All in honor of Jaeyrn, a fellow staff member and beloved friend who's life we celebrate. Show your support for the Wounded Warrior Project by donating to their kiosks located throughout the club.. We're raising awareness and keeping you going with events throughout the day...

    Club Velvet Manor, 24/7  Real People, Real community, established in February 2007.


  7. armedforcesWEBpromo.png


    In honor of all Armed Forces personnel, past and present, we offer our thanks. Members of the Armed Forces are people, who at some point in their life, have written a blank check made payable to their country, for an amount of "up to and including my life." Today we pay tribute to all such heroes and especially to one of our own, who made good on that check.

    We'll be having our Armed Forces Theme with our own Disco King, DJ JAdmiral who will be presenting something special for us, to commemorate the occasion. We hope to see you there, this coming Thursday from 5-7pm SLT/PDT


  8. DJ Darkfire.png


    Its Sunday afternoon, and we're in the last stretch of April's final weekend..I don't about you all, but this body is ready to say goodbye to taxes, soggy rain, and hello to Marvelous May!!! 5-7pm, Velvet Manor's DJ Darkfire, will be bringing you 'cover' songs from all genre's so grab a friend and tell a few more, join us.. for our Undercover's Event.... 

    Here's your ticket and smooth ride to the hottest club in Second Life~ 5pm-7pm Tonight!!!


  9. bestinred.png



    Best in Red @ Club Velvet Manor!! We're happy to have Blaze Firelight and Mick Corith of Charred Designs kicking off another great event! Join DJ Di and Nicky Morgath as we countdown to the craziest party on SL! Giftcards, cash prizes, Party Popper mania, and of course dancers to wine and dine you till you turn your own shade of red! You don't want to miss this ~


  10. Snapshot_001.jpgW


    BEST IN BELLY BUTTONS PARTY @ Club Velvet Manor featuring the dazzling designs of Blaze Firelight, of Charred Designs!!


    Meet the blazin' beauty and check out her main store at : FIRELIGHT STABLES HORSES AND MUNKINS, Maquis (224, 229, 3903) - Moderate



    Club Velvet Manor! 24/7 Premier strip club on Second Life today.. We hold 4 daily themed contests a day and is home to some of the best dancers and DJ's on the grid! Come and meet them, chat it up, learn all there is to know about Velvet Manor! Established since 2007! Celebrating 5 years with the greatest VIPS!!!



     MeetCharredDesigns1.jpg     BellyButtonPFL.jpg  

    Velvet Manor is proud to present the sizzling clothing line of Charred Designs this Wednesday Night 9pm SLT.

    Best in Belly Button is the theme for the night, but that is not the only sexy thing being seen! Tonight the staff will be showing off tempting designs from Blaze Firelight of CHARRED DESIGNS!

    You will not want to miss the contests for FREE Gift Card give aways to their main store ALL NIGHT LONG!


  12. Coming up towards mid-week  of our Mall hunt in honor of St. Patrick's Day! Would like to also let everyone know that in a few weeks will be bringing you our next series in Mall hunts for the month of April~ stay tuned, and we'll see you at the door.


    Club Velvet Manor.. est. 2007 Celebrating our 5th Anniversary as one of Second Life's premier clubs. Live DJ's, 4 Daily Themed Events, Exotic Dancers, and much more! Come and visit us behind the velvet ropes and be sure to take our sim tour via our landing point teleports...http://secondlife.com/destination/the-velvet-manor-club

  13. vmpatty3.png


    Come and join us for our next Hunt at Velvet Manor Mall. Velvet's Lucky 7 St. Patty's Mall Hunt will begin on March 16 Friday till March 23rd Friday. A weeklong celebration with 7 hidden bottle caps placed in locations throughout the Mall Area, each object giving you a clue to the general location of the next 'cap'! Some of Second Life's best content creators will be sharing their newest and popular designs, so mark your calendar and click on the sign at our Landing Point for more information. We'll see you on March 16th behind the velvet ropes, at Club Velvet Manor.


    Club Velvet Manor

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