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  1. In a somewhat related question, where are the so called premium sandboxes? I have no idea how to access them or find them.
  2. If that is indeed a PCI video card, your options for upgrading will be very limited. Your CPU is just fine though. Sl has had a bug for the past few months that make the 4xx series of cards crash on anything higher than medium graphic settings. With the rate LL moves, it may be years before it is ever fixed. I have a GTX 460 that used to be great but now I have to default to medium graphics because it will crash as soon as I launch the game.
  3. Tried it because 2.7.4 always crashes on logon telling me some kind of nvidia driver error and the same with 2.7.5. Installed a TPV 1.23 type and it runs ok of course and they are always the backup. 2.8.0 at least does not crash. I can't comment about the graphics. I always run nearly max details (GTX 460 in the system). Looks about the same but DOES NOT crash.
  4. The only thing I miss in TPVs is the radar. 2.5 has added most of the features that were first implemented in TPV such a double click TP and friend tag highlighting. Also, they are more stable but that is probably just because 1.3 is more stable than 2.5
  5. I don't care about the social stuff but I do like the viewer, at least the layout and the way it renders graphics. My complaints however are these. I'd like to see my avatar's position in world at all times. The only way you can get this is to click on the address bar. Never used 2.4, just the 2.5 betas but I frequently get disconnected when TPing and the voice always goes in and out.Does not happen with third party viewers based on 1.3.x code. A lot of time updating the display about what land you are over is extremely slow. The address bar needs to update a lot faster when you move.
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