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  1. Route 45 is a private motorway but I suppose you could go as fast as 120 km/h, but personally I just go slower than most on many roads because I have a bad historical relationship with sim crossings. Having said that I wouldn't allow police departments to operate in Bedstraw so go however fast you want lol
  2. I have restarted it, and mostly I liked my old foggy Windlight setting. I can always set it correctly on the EEP viewer for other people using the EEP viewer - but it just looks off and not as balanced in the normal releases. Perhaps there is a Firestorm setting that helps - I mean, my Windlight does look normal on Firestorm if I set it locally for myself alone,e.g. quick preferences or the like. At least I can now reset the windlight entirely, though, but it doesn't look like my Firestorm or my LL release play nicely with whatever else I set on the EEP and try to apply to my estate.
  3. Thanks for your answer. I have set the Windlight on the EEP viewer successfully. However, returning on either Firestorm or the normal viewer automatically breaks the Windlight again. Since I suspect most of my visitors don't have the EEP client running I do not know whether this is a good solution in the long run. Is there a way to make my sim not roll EEP? Because until Tuesday it worked perfectly fine.
  4. Hi! Since Tuesday I've had an issue on my sim/estate where the windlight does not render correctly. It shows fine in the environment editor, but it applies wrong to the estate as a whole. Trying to restore the SL default only yields an error message that says "The Windlight settings were empty or not well formed". The issue persists on this sim only, in Firestorm as well as the official SL viewer. I am told this is an EEP issue - my question is how do I fix it so that my sim can display correctly again? Sim name is Elbe, if that is relevant at all. Foggy picture (how the
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