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  1. Will there ever be the ability for Marketplace merchants to be able to arrange their store items? It seems that new items I add to my box (and store) end up on the last page, whereas I'd like to have them displayed across the top row of the first page. I'm not even sure what has determined the current arrangement of my store items, but even related items aren't together. I'd have thought giving merchants more custom options over their stores would encourage more use from both sides. I know everything can be sorted alphabetically, etc, but that's only for customers. Would be useful is merchant
  2. Wait...using an old Marketplace box is causing the ENTIRE MARKETPLACE to not work properly? I'd better update mine then. :matte-motes-sick:
  3. Wow, a noob without giant eagle wings?! I hope this is the first of many refreshing changes we see this year! Welcome Mr Humble! Be sure to visit Raglan Shire soon.
  4. Nelson, how much of a pay raise will you be getting in the new financial year? Where exactly will the extra income generated by screwing charging educational establishments out of more funds go exactly? Oh wait! There won't be any extra! Because the amount of educational establishments you drive away thanks to this act of piracy will make up most of the shortfall in income! D'oh, silly me.
  5. Jack, just what have you done for those other virtual world communities? Seriously, be honest; if you've done nothing, please come out and say "We've done nothing." If you're not planning on doing anything for those communities, find the testicular fortitude to stand up and say "we're not planning on doing any more for any other virtual world communities." Just so those communities can get a better idea of how they're expected to be treated when they do magically decide to ditch their Warcraft-fuelled world and jump ship to Second Life, as you're expecting. And also, let's straighten this up
  6. Ha, I doubt it! If this decision garners ONE more Resident sign-up, colour me amazed. Pathetic.
  7. So the Lab wades into the house that Enemy Unknown made, splash your paint all over the walls and then decide to burn it down? I hope you've adequately compensated those guys who spent three years putting together something you managed to wreck within eight months. What about the other 90 virtual worlds communities? Will the whole site disappear, or just the Second Life resident userbase?
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