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  1. LOL if it was then every single Linden would be ARed as they all have at least 2 alts, one male, and one female.
  2. Hi, I had a friend who last year decided to leave SL permanently and delete her account. She had some objects rezzed on my land and as long as I owned the land her stuff was still there, before she left SL she gave me mod rights on her stuff so the 2 or 3 items she left (which were transfer) I was able to take with me when I moved. So the simple answer is YES their objects remain in SL. If there is an item that has to be returned to the deleted account it gets deleted, but as long as the objects are in world they will remain until taken by someone who has mod rights (if transferable) or return
  3. No there really isn't anything to that claim. LL is considering supporting Emerald viewers and if there was any substance to that claim then LL would not be seriously considering providing technical support. Yes there are some bugs but there are workarounds for them, I do occasionally (on Emerald) crash on a TP or on Log in and will temporarily loose half my inventory, normally a clear cashe fixes it but once in a while I have to go to the beta grid to get it back, I have never lost anything permanently using it.
  4. Not only is Emerald perfectly legal, but it is one of the alternate viewers that Linden Labs has been talking about providing support to. The confusion of the copy crap comes from the fact that the creator of Emerald is the same person who created the copy bots (which btw was created for a legitimate business reason, only dishonest SL residents abused it and used it to steal content from creators in SL) Emerald viewer can NOT copy stuff like the person who went nuts tried to claim, and like I have seen fellow posters say here the ONLY way they knew your friend was on Emerald would be if they t
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