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  1. I just opened my first shop , mostly tattoos and gestures atmbut today i barely tried making sleeved patterns that wrap around the template. When I try to do this it wraps around but doesnt meet up in the right place. Whether it be a simple barbwire pattern or an intricate Maori tribal design they both meet up under the arms in a wierd point. Im using Gimp 2.6. Please help me fix this. Thanks.
  2. I'll do it if you like. I edit video and music, (mostly music videos and highlight reels.) My work can be seen at www.youtube.com/quicknsick AND I do voices, (pretty damn good ive always been told) better ones are Arnold Swarzenegger, Isaac Hayes, Rocky Balboa, Tony Montana etc, Im pretty sure I can make some badass intro's for you if I know what your style is. Let me know.
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