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  1. Hanunted Castle in Pirate Landshttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mad%20Turtle%20Teaparty/150/125/604 Eat your dinner with the ghosts and ghouls of this Pirate Lands Castle. Be sure to put on midnight and bring a partner for dancing. Have a cup of the Halloween brew, bob for some apples and trick or treat for a gift from the bartender ghoul. Climb the towers to find more suprises or lounge around in the graveyard *shiver*. But have fun. I will probably be leaving this haunted castle up, possiblbly as an added attraction to the sim. Just take the teleporters or use the url above.
  2. Viewer 2 STINKS STINKS STINKS and I have been playing since 2007. Phoenix was awesome but SL ruined that. I can not and still have not found my stupid groups. Everything is harder to find and use. I put up the move around buttons and soon as I do anything else they poof. It takes me forever to build anything that I used to build in minutes. The friends list is enormous and not practical at all. PLEASE give us back our old interface and stop trying to modernize, it is trash TRASH.
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