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  1. If you want to just hear music at a concert, you could use the "remove prims" setting as I said, it will take your 2fps up to 15fps as I have seen. But I also noticed that when I cam to a prim-lean area (when i turn the stream of I cam to behind a curtain at the club which faces the boundary of the Sim) the fps go up considerable. So if you do not want to lose all your prims, you could just cam away and face the void next to the Sim and it will improve your speed as well.
  2. Mickey, I only have one tip if you are lagged out of your mind. You can check your status report, watch your FPS carefully, if the local (your) fps gets below 2 this is a signal of extreme lag, when it goes below 1 you will hardly be..a..abl..e...to..talk..even typing will be affected. I DJ a lot, which means I get in situations where my system is faced with handling a lot more than an empty sim. And then my fps sinks to below 1 at times. Still I have to deal with requests in IM and be able to reply to chat. My current solution (buying a new powerful laptop is also not an option for me) is to
  3. I don't see how you can. There is a possibility to record voice of course, you can do this by using something that can record your output channel, I've done this using Audacity. When you AR it you could send the MP3 along. It would still require a Linden to compare the voice with the abuser, and I wonder if they will. Still to AR someone I think you need evidence, and that's hard in this case.
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