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  1. Bonjour Lemickeyyy :)

    • Tu te rends sur la page Internet de Second Life : https://secondlife.com/
    • En haut Ă  droite tu click sur Login
    • Colonne de gauche, tu dĂ©roule Compte dans la section Accueil et tu choisis "Modifier les paramĂštres d'emails"

    L'email est partiellement cripté d'astérisques mais il peut te donner une piste.

  2. 5 hours ago, ChinRey said:

    Perhaps most telling, a few of the pre-mesh Moles seem to have a slightly better grasp on SL mesh than the newcomers. Even Silent Mole does and she's supposed to be mainly a scripter rather than a builder. I don't kow but I strongly suspect that indicates that experience with and knowledge of the old SL buidling materials are actually mroe important than general mesh experience from otehr environments if you want to make good SL mesh.

    I share this point of view indeed. From a technical point of view, persons who master building in-game have good prerequisites to create maximised meshes. And to understand how materials work : a good proof is the way the water will work on a mesh, with the usual scripts.

    Primitives in-game are our mother-meshes, we should not forget it :)

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  3. Maybe I don't understand all the scope of your issue but there's a thing drawing my attention : your lowest model is 3 triangles and your object owns 6 materials. Your lowest model should own at least 6 triangles with one different material each triangle. Same for the other levels : you must check they all have the six materials named after the original mesh's.

    I always create the lowest models from a duplication (SHIFT D) of the original mesh because sometimes the uploading window generate engine won't do the job well.

    Also, if I use the Decimate modifier, I always check the operation didn't eat a material, by selecting each material.

    To resume :

    • Material of model is not a subset of reference model : the sub models don't own the same number and/or the same names for the materials.
    • Missing required level of detail : the materials don't repeat on the sub model because not enough triangles. Or some faces haven't been assigned a material.

  4. Bonjour Pierrot et bienvenu sur Second Life !

    La recherche évoquée par marcov existe aussi à partir du viewer : clique en haut "Content", développe le menu et choisi "Search". (Racourci : CTRL F)

    Une fenĂȘtre pop-up s'ouvre dans laquelle tu cliques l'onglet "Websearch". Ici tu peux taper des mots-clĂ©s comme "Français", "France", "French" et d'autres. Tu auras alors un choix finalement assez vaste : 1316 rĂ©sultats pour "France" dans la rubrique "Everything". Pour chaque ligne de rĂ©sultat, tu cliques sur cette ligne et elle se dĂ©veloppera. De lĂ  on te propose d'adhĂ©rer Ă  des groupes ou de te tĂ©lĂ©porter, etc. Tu peux aussi ouvrir les profils des francos que tu croises et consulter leurs "Picks".

    Autres conseils : pense à cocher les niveaux de maturité qui t'intéressent. Je te conseille de mettre quelques infos dans ton profil : beaucoup de résidents ne t'adresseront pas la parole avec un profile vide. Pas obligé de parler de sa vie perso, mais quelques mots sur ce que tu aimes faire sur SL ; ou des picks des endroits que tu aimes bien donnent des pistes à celui qui consulte ton profil. Le profil est un peu une carte de visite que l'on présente aux gens que l'on croise sur SL et qui invitent ces derniers à communiquer avec toi, ou pas :)

    Bonne visite de SL !

  5. Well my friend is seeking for a tutorial for using the AO Maps like this one for Gimp users. Tried to google but did not find any. Maybe we are not searching with the good tags. I'm French native and he is German and we didn't find any in our own languages too. Thanks again.

  6. Hello the community and thank you in advance !

    A friend of mines is using Corel x8 home and student edition and never found how to use the AO and UV maps provided by mesh creators.

    I googled several sentences and didn't find myself too. Both in English and French.

    Any helpers around ?


  7. Hello the community !

    I use to shoot the mesh objects I create in a green box. I just shoot them with their AO maps and then remove the green backgroud under Gimp.

    My question is : which windlight settings are the best ?

    As of today I use the Midday for the sky and default for the water level (while maybe there is no incidence for the last one) ; but perhaps some are better.

    Looking forward to reading you,


    [Edit] As Chic pointed out, I'm using the Firestorm viewer

  8. On 3/4/2018 at 8:29 PM, Aquila Kytori said:

    Just wondering if you got this sorted Pierre ?

    Just wondering if I read all the messages in my mailing box ? :)

    In the outliner, I hitted the camera icon OFF and then ON and it worked... I don't know how to explain this, I got the idea reading another thread.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Wulfie Reanimator said:

    And then there are people who have the knowledge but aren't good teachers, or understand the theory but don't have the practical skill or patience to actually make something from scratch to completion. I'm one of these people. 

    Me too ^^ Last time I teached my wife on Blender, it ended I tried to strangle her :))

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  10. What you describe here is the main reason I gave up teaching anything (the other ideas are that being a teacher is not enough to play a pedagogical role, and that I'm still learning :)).

    There are two kinds of people asking me help who made me give up very quickly :

    • The ones who are not patient and whant to be masters without learning anything. The first thing I tell them, but they don't listen I guess, is "be humble", "be patient", "learn and learn again", "do and re-do", etc. I started modelling over a year ago and still consider I have things to learn and master. I consider I need to review most of my stuff. Many insist to put the cart before the horse...
    • The ones who take things from external libraries and observe it is difficult to turn them right... So many forum threads I will never give any help ^^

    For the other persons : you took the right direction !

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  11. Hello there !

    I would start from white background, then add a transparent layer on its top, then add some dirt :

    • Filters > Render > Noise > Plasma
    • Colours > Desaturate > Desaturate > Mode average

    Then use or add some brushes from/to your Paintbrush tool : you have many googling ; I would use those, or those.

    Optional : colorize a bit ; maybe a kind of brown ? (Html 2e2609 for me)

    Then play with the opacity till it fits your expectation (I choose 50 %), remove the white layer and export to .png


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  12. Bonjour,

    Je n'ai jamais eu ce souci mais pour savoir si ça vient du viewer de LL, j'essaierai de télécharger l'image avec un autre viewer :

    • Si ça marche, et mĂȘme si tu as le dernier viewer de LL, Ă©limine le complĂštement de ton PC et rĂ©-installe le.
      • Si ça ne marche toujours pas avec le viewer de LL: ticket Ă  LL
    • Si ça ne marche pas, il faudrait te remĂ©morer Ă  partir de quand tu as ce problĂšme pour savoir si tu n'aurais pas tĂ©lĂ©chargĂ© volontairement, ou pas, une application qui vient alourdir le chemin de tĂ©lĂ©chargement des images : j'ai eu ce problĂšme pour importer des images sur Wordpress et c'Ă©tait Ă  cause d'une appli de pub qui s'Ă©tait installĂ©e avec un logiciel de dessin.

    Bonne continuation :)

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