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  1. Releasing Log Home in Osham with cool view to the water, in one minute
  2. Wrong page sorry I wish i knew how to delete this.:(
  3. Hello my lovely people I will be giving up this beautiful Victorian at 2pm sl time http://slurl.com/secondlife/Swithins Bridge/45/149/30/ if you want to have a look.
  4. Don't give them any more ideas please. i'm happy with 5 times a day on many alts. and play nice people.
  5. I literally have no clue on how I would even get started on acquiring a Linden Home. Today is my 13th rez day, still so much to learn..*stares wistfully into distance, sweeping strings and elegant chords playing in background* I have actually had a bijou wanderette around Bellisseria for the first time today. I think I like the idea of a house boat more than the modern houses they have there, as I've never lived on the water before and quite fancy living in one of those, but I haven't had a look at the Victorian houses yet. I wonder if there are further themes to come out yet;
  6. I have been trying since yesterday to get the outlook house and it keep giving me an error. This seem to have got into the wrong section. I just want to get a house.
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