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  1. I looked, but it has been resold. I do see one parcel here with a donut hole cut in the middle of it. Consider that noncontiguous parcels can be joined to report as one in the land tools. Consider that it is possible to cut out a donut hole from a parcel. Those two techniques plus combinations of them can lead to some weird things.
  2. I've held an island homestead SIM in the past, and now have a full SIM worth of mainland scattered across several parcels. On the balance, I'd say that if you are not sure, then rent/buy a SIM of island from one of the larger estate holders (not sure if I'm allowed to name names here). "Renting" island land from a major estate holder is a lot like buying. You get full region rights. You can try your idea with little money down. IM me if you need some names.
  3. I think the public sandboxes serve to encourage anyone that can afford to do so, to buy their own land. Thus, the griefers contribute to the marketing objective. Thus, everything is as it should be. If my analysis is correct, everything will stay as it is. If my analysis is incorrect, some of these other ideas will be quickly implemented. Time will tell. Oh, maybe it already has?
  4. When you deed single-avatar-owned land to group, the land credits automatically transfer to your group upon the execution of the deeding action. So, it is not necessary to pre-allocate the land credits in your group. The only case that I know of that you can't deed to a group, is when you are attempting to deed the land under a Linden Home to a group, in which case you'll encounter the situation just as you describe.
  5. Sorry about that. G land is pretty hard to sell. I keep being tempted by nice waterfront G parcels on auction, but so far have resisted.
  6. You can also "join" noncontiguous parcels into a single logical parcel. Just drag-select both with the land tool and click join. This way, music and media changes will stay synchronized.
  7. Cool. If you are using mainland, you'll notice that you can own 10% more land under any given tier level when you deed the land to a group. View this Knowledge Base article, and search within it for "10%" : http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Group-owned-land/ta-p/700079
  8. Most mainland landlords group multiple tenants under a single group. I've tried it. What it boils down to is that you'll be really lucky to break even. Since in all probability, you'll be losing money – subsidizing your tenants SL experience -- why take the extra bother of creating lots of groups? A practical approach is to have your group own separate lots under separate mainland SIMs. Your tenants on one SIM typically won't stumble across your other lots on other SIMs. So, your tenants typically won't tread on each other's rental homes.
  9. I've created several. The fun is in the building; I think. Generally, a few people will stop by. I currently have a beautiful dance hall on a 1/4 SIM with over 100 quality dances and a modern music feed. I get a few visitors, but not a lot. I enjoy it. So, I do it. Occasionally someone appreciates it, but don't hold your breath for that. Just enjoy the journey.
  10. My recommendation is to search for "vendor" on Marketplace. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ Every time I've gone with a minimalist script, I've found I quickly outgrew it. One will usually find that the mature products have already solved problems that one has not yet conceived.
  11. To start a business in SL, you only need as many L$ as you are willing to lose.
  12. Sound like you may have updated your viewer or downloaded a new viewer? If so, check your preferences in that viewer to make sure you've enabled access to Moderate (and Adult if you choose) land.
  13. Here is the Knowledge Base on creating and disbanding groups: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Creating-and-disbanding-groups/ta-p/700053 Key points relative to this discussion: "Creating a group is simple to do. Keep in mind, though: Group creation costs L$100. A group must maintain at least 2 members. Any group that has less than 2 people for 48 hours is automatically disbanded."
  14. Of the options mentioned above, getting a mid-range or better security orb is the only option that will work. I'll recommend a couple options if you want to IM me. The megaprim idea is trival to defeat.
  15. Here is the official policy on Maturity ratings: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Maturity-ratings/ta-p/700119 It is ambiguous, apparently deliberately so. The policy doesn't specifically allow anything on Moderate rating that wouldn't be allowed under General rating. Certain things are expressly allowed in Adult. Certain things are expressly dissallowed in General. Moderate is an ambiguous mishmash.
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