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  1. Well, after suffering at least 4 or 5 times each time the loss of 3 or 4 days because of being ghosted in SL, how about someone works out that a button on our account page titled "LOG ME OUT" can submit an auto request for a disconnect, instead of raising a ticked and having 2 or 3 live chat sessions over several days, wasting LL's and my time? Better still, how about fixing the ghosting bug? It's not only me, I see people all over the place ghosted, and those without premium accounts are left high and dry, in-world yet out of it. LL's uptime may be 99.95%, but my uptime is well less than that and will head to 90% or less before the year is out I'm sure. Seriously, there's so many fundamental and repairable bugs in the system, LL would save a heap in customer service addressing those. And finally, getting back to us in 24 hours? Is that a sliding target? I never heard back in 3 days and ended up using live support to fix every time. Tickets are a waste in a lot of cases.
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