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  1. thanks every 1 for your ideas turns out my 1st name was offensive just waiting 4 LL to change it for me once again thanks 4 all you're support
  2. tryed everything mentioned n still nothing
  3. only problem is ,,, yes they can tell me my account is locked , they can sort out billing ,,, but thats it they cant say why its locked or do anything about it
  4. i logged out of sl friday night as normal , saturday morning  i try 2 log in and get a message asking if i have problems with password ,,if so call this toll free number ,,,,, no chance of that from the uk . i issue a ticket to ll a week later i get an email saying thanks my ticket has been passed of and work is in progress some 1 will b intouch asap this was over 2 weeks ago ,,, no reason 4 me being locked out , no anything ,,,, how long is asap ,,, and or any ideas why i should get locked out with no reason ?
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