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  1. I am exploring the world of Chromebooks and dont have one yet but saw your post. There is an app that runs great on my Android phone that supports many basic features of Second Life. No it does not provide a way to see your avatar on the screen but yes you can very much chat and Im and have people tp you and tp others to you and the person on the computer sees you fine. You can even give and receive money and inventory. I was impressed. Its called Mobile Grid Client and is available in the Google Play Store by Schlager. Its well worth the 500 Lindens per month for the advanced version or whatever it is... i just confirmed it in play store and see there is a new app for one-time $3 fee called Lumiya and person says it blows MGC away. ... there ya go. Have not tried Lumiya yet. Feel free to friend me to discuss it if you want.
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