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  1. You now if you actually gave a *****... You could always look up her profile and send her the L's personally. *huge eyeroll*
  2. I went there yesterday, ironically, and can not begin to tell my tale.... I sat down with the creator of these sims (which turn out to be five in total) My friend Angel, accompanied me. She has until August the 1st to come up with 3,000$ USD or the sims she has built, all the builds, the art, will be ..... hit delete. I can not fathom the amount of pressure she is under.- 750,000 L.... I went there and she was kind to us both, very open, and understandably sad.... So I share her link to her market place, a location, and info's.... I feel like someone is about to set the Mona Lisa on Fire and noone else really cares... I am doing what I can to help, and am about to start going to anyone and everyone to help. Sad thing is she has 1,100 members in her group and they have no contributed a single thing. I think she should axe the whole group, make a new one and charge, hell, all the "stores" do it and people easily drop their L's... Builds aren't free, and neither are awesome Cyber Cities... Her store on Market: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/110378 Her YoutubeL blergh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FF1fIB_3kkY In world TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hangars%20Liquides/46/64/2232
  3. While I will applaud BlackOpal, they are truly quality, fine quality... They are a bit on the spendy side. My absolute favorite for Value, options, AND a ton of MM/freebies/gifts will always be Rag Dollz. Just look for them in world, they have 2 locations last I checked. And the creator is a true DOLL. Happy hunting!
  4. Very cool. Am I going to have to follow a trail to find the url? LOL Castle on a cloud... puts a song in my head... ;D
  5. Hey there I am going to friend you, if I can get inworld. I have been on here over 4 years, a year away this time. I am finding the whole mesh stuff a bit overwhleming, but the basics, I have down pat. All my old friends aren't on here, so I will have plenty of time to help you <3 Foxy
  6. I have also worked dancing & other hostess type jobs... originality & sponteineity are two undervalued characteristics sought in employees at 'retail and/or commercial and/or entertainment' establishments. so, how fast can you fire off greeter emotes? ........... :-/ Working in SL ain't what it used to be, baby.... seriously tho.... makes me want to find my way back to sandboxes like a noob again... almost better to deal with a birage of griefers than chat auto robo spam.... at least the grifers entertain me >
  7. I just wanted to thankyou all for your arguments PRO HUD and AGAINST. I have recently built my first pair of sculpted foot shoes and was debating in investing in a HUD system (OMG have you looked at the price?!) I think I will go ahead and box up some W/O the HUD and leave them MOD, perhaps use a simple resizer/ankle lock and call it a day Until I can really afford the HUD I want. lol
  8. That's too hilarious! :robotvery-happy: I make it a mission to help stray noobs who cross my path "in need." I met one yesterday, he was 1 day old *sigh* (Mental note to make a NC for NOOBS...) I too, have long had my set of "xploding noobs" and have set them out in my yard for target practice, since I have a huge platform and prefer being "the boss where I am" as opposed to dealing with others in a shooting range with live ammo. I had a friend who made me so aggitated wanting to learn to shoot and kept setting my Xplodin noobs off... *sigh* Had to teach him about touchin my noobs....
  9. I'm Hi! From the General Manager, Sinful Cherry Angels. I'm looking for girls who are looking for employment at their own pace! We are opening the club soon and will be accepting applications. This club has been contructed in a nearly LAG FREE sim. I am including pictures to give you an idea of what it looks like- There are tip jars, scripted poles, teleporters to private areas if you wish to provide more private entertainment services to your clients. You are free to work your own hours, as long as we have an idea when you are working- I will always be available while I am online to help if any problems or questions arise. I'm a very friendly gal, so I am more than glad to help ladies if you need help finding low-cost/free items to help out with your avitar appearance. (I also have a massive inventory with lots of full perm items :smileywink: ) I also do some light building and apperal creation. So not only would you have all my adivice & knowledge, you could also have access to someone who can be very helpful. We have a group already made, so if you are accepted, feel free to use our group chat as well. We are also working on a special dressing room area for the ladies convience WITH REZZING ABILITIES. We want all of our ladies to feel like family! I am copying and pasting the "APPLICATION NC" and Location for your convience, just get in contact with the Boss man, Jehrome Composer :) I hope to see you all soon! ~ Foxy Carpathia, General Manager Sinful Cherry Angels http://slurl.com/secondlife/Myanimo/240/216/401 *APPLICATION NC INFO* Please fill out this notecard completely and then send it to Jehrome Composer. Write your name in the description please. Your Name: Rez Date: Position you are applying for? Describe what times/days you are generally available to work: Thank you for applying! Please read the notecard fully. DANCER/STRIPPER/ESCORT You should have a good looking avatar in order to become a dancer. Having nice sexy clothes is also a huge advantage. You should be at least 30 days old. Make sure to have at least a few sexy outfits and nice skin. Dancers can dance and strip on our stage for tips. Girls take 80% of all tips. Dancers must interact with the customers. When on the pole be always active. If you need to be afk just get off the pole for some time. Tip jars are provided.
  10. I gotta look you guys up in world! You guys look like my kind of people! Anything to beat the boredom X-D
  11. I am using phoenix- No matter how many times I tried, even on stuff I have made myself, like snapshots, refuse to export. I see the option in my menu but when I click it, does NOTHING. I have checked the properties I have it set to full perms. I also have started building, and joined a few builders MM groups and have won some nice clothing textures that you ARE allowed to mod/use and ARE full perm. I have a set of bunny ears (sculpts) I bought, i have used the sculpt maps to make my won sculptie ears, and they included textures to apply to the sculpts, albeit an UGLY yellow... I so badly want to export the texture and recolor it, but I can't get over this hump! (Yes, the texture is full perm) I know on some textures I could simply could do a screen shot at 1:1 resolution and carefully crop them.. But what about stuff with alphas??? I'm so stuck right now :(( Any help would be appreciated. And rewarded with some bunny ears hehe X-D Seriously, any help? :(
  12. It's from Head Mistress ;D maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Juicy/29/42/25 The haiir... Try reading down now... lol
  14. I guess we're allowed 13 seconds now. But otherwise your answer was so super helpful. I wish all people could get such excellent answers. Thankyou and well done.
  15. Hey, first thanks for even taking the time to read I would like to make my own personal gestures, with the little voice sound, to greet specific friends, Example, "Hey My Evil Landlord!" Haha yeah, I call him that What program do people use to make the voices, or resources can I use? I am totally lost and have googled it repeatedly with no avail to any information. I'm not tryin to steal the market, I just simply can not afford to pay the outrageous prices, nor can I afford a pay program. (I'm learning to build, and yes, I use the free Gimp. Sorry I'm not spoiled enough for photoshop lol) Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
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