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  1. Ok I solved it. Apparently the name we wanted "Michelle" is so common that the last names run out when we click continue. As soon as we chose a less common name it worked good.
  2. yes, its the same problem, i click on the create and the password is hightlighted andit says in red: Passwords must be between 6-16 characters long.
  3. Hm, i had a friend try create an account and that worked? Why is it only for me. When i click on the button to create the account, the arrow shows the password, like i did something wrong with it. Ive tried several different paswords, between 6 -16 letters, including numbers... it wont work. Ive tried firefox and explorer
  4. Im trying to create a new account but it simply wont let me. it says the captcha is wrong but no matter how much i try, even voice captcha it wont agree. Is tere any current problem in SL? 
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