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  1. Welcome We wre all new at one time. Many people ignore local chat even in "welcome hub" areas so..develope your profile..don't be afraid to IM someone directly who looks like that might be interesting.
  2. nods...understands.....does your profile's SL tab make this clear ? Are you hanging in the right places?
  3. gotta be 50 50...gotta give as much as you take
  4. It may be a 20th century and prior cultural hangup f a woman to wait util A man approachs her in sl. I def agree that a quick profile scan including picks should give any woman a "green" light to say "hi." After all, one of the great things about SL is that it is a gender equalizer. Go for it.
  5. Hey..we al were noobs at one tiem No, Premium is not worth it. Therer are many free user groups (like those for specific viewers) where you can get help. and the house you get for being a premium member is a joke. Each avatar (AV) is an account. Many SL'ers have ALTS (alternative AV's) but each requires a whole new registration process. There is no limit to the numberr of AV's, or accounts, you can have. and.. I recollect seeing the term "rebirth" bandied about..but not what it means (:
  6. ..and the Congress is listed as a legsialture..but they can't. lol
  7. ..not a game. People may "play" games within SL, but SL itself is a visual chat room. If it were a "game" there would be rules, a score kept, etc.
  8. ..try "Dream Isalnd"..if u have not already. Generally great people there.. Wouldn't say they are lonely, excatly BUT local caht abounds. And remember, Sonja..loneliness is highly under rated lol
  9. ..in SL we can, if we wish, expose our personalities as well as bring our best aspects to the fore. In RL this is not always possible. Perhaps it is the lack of risk in SL..or the opportunity to "control" how much we become involved, but whateever it ismy SL friends are among the closest that I have. Granted, only four so far have earned my RL trust, But thse four are treasures.
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