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  1. Met an SL newbie in 2010. Met him face to face in 2011. We grew even closer and were married in 2013. I have another SL friend who met his SL girlfriend in RL. They are now married and raising a sweet little boy together.
  2. Sit down wherever your boat floats and be mindful of the folks who offer and/or appreciate others who can share experiences that are not part of your normal, day to day experience. Finding "their own place" does not mean having a landmark to share. Finding my own place meant finding a way that I could interact with a strange world in a way that offered me personal satisfaction. I was lost for nearly a year in SL But, I found my place eventually. Someone taught me how to build. That brought me so much joy. That became "my place". The interim was difficult. It did appear to be all about sex before I found "my place" because I didn't have something to focus on. But, I knew there was something better so I stuck it out. I stumbled and fumbled. But, I eventually found "my place". I met my husband in SL. We met in SL in 2010. Met in RL in 2011. Married in 2013.
  3. If a person doesn't make an attempt to find their own place in SL, yes, it does seem that it all about sex. That does seem to be the default experience. Just say no. You have to work at it to find the place where you feel comfortable. And, unfortunately, there are *A LOT* of folks who want you to think that their SL lifestyle is what SL is all about. Just like in RL, you have to make choices. Walk away, stay and join the chat, learn to build, learn to script, log out, cancel account if it comes to that. Do whatever you want but just don't think that SL is one track. I've met some incredible people. I've learned skills that carried into RL. But, just as in RL, it takes time.
  4. I also discovered SL in 2007. I was one of those who wasn't "looking" but it happened anyways. We met in SL in 2010. We met face to face in 2011. We were married in 2013. We met at a dance club. He was a noob who walked in (a noob who was capable of stringing full words together into sentences). I had a soft spot for noobs. The rest is now history. We just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary while moving into the new home we purchased. Real life is good. Second Life is where we met.
  5. Met in SL in Aug 2010, met in RL in March 2011, started living together in RL Oct 2011, married in RL Nov 2013. I haven't met my other SL friends face to face but we keep in touch via facebook. One SL friend met his current wife in SL, too. They now have a beautiful baby.
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