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  1. Asia Ristow

    Doll Skins?

    You're welcome!! Good luck
  2. Asia Ristow

    Doll Skins?

    I'm not sure about free doll skins, but SongBird sells a tattoo layer/omega applier that gives doll joints (and optional cracks) to any skin you may already have. It's only L$175 so it's not that expensive, especially if you'll be using it a lot. If you're using a mesh body you can use any skin you already enjoy and turn your shininess sliders all the way up to give it the appearance of glass. Combine that with the doll applier mentioned above and you already have a great base for a doll avatar. I actually made a broken doll a while ago, you can see her in the attached file. She's one of my favorite avatars. I went for the creepy vibe with her, but you can make a pretty, unbroken doll with the tattoo layer too. You can get a more in depth look at her (more pics, info on the skin I used under the tattoo layer, etc) in the blog post about her. As far as Lolita products, I know a ton exist but I don't know the best place to snag them. I'd keep an eye out for events with cutesy or Japan/anime themes, they tend to bring in a lot of Lolita stuff.
  3. Asia Ristow

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I'm a shiny broken doll today... God I have fun playing with new looks.The full body is all filled with cracks and doll joints but it's also not wearing clothing so no posting it here. It'll be in my blog post tomorrow!
  4. Asia Ristow

    Slink feet on Maitreya body?

    Maitreya and Slink are both Omega compatible, you just have to get the Omega Kits. If you purchase skins that are made for Omega you can use them across all Omega compatible parts. IMO it's worth picking up the relay kits (they're cheaper if you're in the group and buy them in world at the store than on the Marketplace) and ensuring a perfect match with one skin purchase.
  5. I'd say it IS possible. In fact I met my fiance in World of Warcraft and now we've been living together for over a decade. Games can be just like any other social activity. There's so many people that you'll meet some good ones and some bad ones and anything is possible.
  6. Asia Ristow

    Making Kemono Look Mature...

    Oh my goodness you look adorable! Just like Marianne said, corgis are small dogs. Size and Age are non synonymous, though I do understand being cautious. Since you haven't run into any issues I wouldn't worry too much. Kemono is pretty popular, especially with furries, so lots of people are familiar with it. I'll actually be picking Kemono up next week I think. Are you enjoying it? The lack of demo is driving me nuts.
  7. Asia Ristow

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Hmm, today she looks like this, but it changes all the time depending on what I'm blogging about.
  8. http://meshbodyaddicts.com/ is a wonderful resource for details on mesh heads and bodies. The page on the Damon head mentions that it goes well with most mesh bodies. Demo bodies that you are interested in, and make sure to demo skins on them as well to get an idea of what you may want. For my male I ended up going with a Catwa Daniel head, Slink body, Vista hands, and a Nivaro skin. The skin is where most of your realism will be coming from.
  9. Asia Ristow

    Product Not appearing on Marketplace When I Upload

    Makes sure to go to My Marketplace> Merchant Home> My Listings. Things you drag into the Marketplace from your viewer will show up there, however they aren't enabled for sale until you update them as such. You can edit each page for the items for sale there.
  10. Asia Ristow

    body and head

    A lot of it depends on personal preference. I recommend http://meshbodyaddicts.com/ for in depth information on mesh bodies and heads.
  11. Hey everyone! The Free Dove is hosting three free mini hunts this month. There are over 25 items to find! The featured designers are Cero Style, alaskametro, and Marquesse. Feel free to sneak a peek and see if anything may suit your style! Most items are women's clothing, however there are also some home decor items, men's clothing, nail polish, and lip gloss. Happy Hunting!
  12. Asia Ristow

    my face.. how to fix it? shadows make me look ancient.

    Facelights can help. They're little attachments that shine light directly on the face to minimize shadows. You can purchase them in world or on the marketplace.
  13. Asia Ristow

    help with ao

    Make sure it's turned on, too. I know it sounds like a silly thing, but it's a source of furstration for many people with new AOs. What AO are you using?
  14. Asia Ristow

    Looking for Free Furry Avitars

    Wingless Emoto has a few for free here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/free-furry-avatars-by-Wingless-Emoto/5846626 They're very old but they get the job done if you don't want to pay anything. If you want something of better quality you'll have to pay for the avatars.
  15. Welcome back, Kain! It really depends on what you're looking for. Are you going feral or more humanoid? It's becoming more and more popular to use a mesh body (such as Kemono or Slink) and then purchase the head, paws, tail etc. separately. That said, you can also go the oldschool route and use a predone avatar (such as Luskwood). Some people mix the two, purchasing a premade and then swapping the body out with a mesh body. Depending on how large you want the breasts you may be able to get away with just using a mesh body and adjusting the sliders for breast size.