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  1. NOTE: Question 12 is asking you to leave a name and email for the follow-up interview... i got distracted when typing it and editing requires me pull the survey down. Hey guys, I need your help for a English 102 project. I am doing a study on user generated content in 4 different games (including Second Life). Due to the crappy survey service I used i can't fix a few minor area, so for any question that does not seem to apply to the game, just click no. If you don't mind leave a name an e-mail and if you are selected we will do a brief interview. Thank you for taking the time to read this, m
  2. Thanks for the answer, there is a computer with scanner access here but i prefered not to have to boot up another computer to scan it in if at all possible. I tried to get in contact with blue but never manage to catch blue while he was online. Again thank you.
  3. I was just wondering, is it at all possilbe to use the online age verification (beta) to prove your age in order to get transfered from the teen gridd to the main grid. I have tried to ask this inworld but have not been able to get in contact with any LL staff. I would just like to know if i could do this since i don't have a scanner handy and though i could simply go use one that is nearby I would prefer to just use the verification system if at all possible. Thanks in advance for the help.
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