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  1. If you missed the event, you might find some of the YouTube videos to be of interest. The VWBPE 2013 conference is still kicking, if you consider the post-event content being posted, such as the 2013 VWBPE Conference Awards and the videos and blog posts still being polished (some are likely to be announced here). FWIW - Several educators, each one a SL veteran to some degree, have said they did not even know this forum had been re-instated; not surprising, given that this Forum Topic (category?) was unceremoniously dumped some time ago. Maybe LL thought it was too chat-spammy to serve the co
  2. EDIT - This thread is intended for the sharing of links. Please use Instant Messaging for comments and suggestions. Cheers. If you are posting observations about Education in SecondLife™, please post a reply to this thread with a link along with a brief description about your interests, your focus (subject areas, types of SL content, etc.). Suggested: Add a keyword descriptor or two in the "Subject" line when you post, in place of the default "Re: [Thread topic here]" that is automatically inserted.
  3. Got Skills? Want to help demonstrate how virtual worlds can support classroom instruction? Looking for experienced animators3-D modelersscriptersgraphic artistsprim-twistersaudio craftsmen<insert overlooked skill here>...to join a growing group of content creators and educators in a project to be announced soon... Got questions? We can chat here, or in the newly revived Education category; or just holler at Azwaldo Villota in world if interested...
  4. I only stumbled across this forum today as I am about to post a new education topic...wondering how long it has been in place. Glad to see it back, I have often wondered what happened to the old education category. Doubt that many educators know it is here.
  5. Finelli: As an educator and member of the NMC Guests group for many years, I can report a long absence from virtual worlds. You would have seen me as inactive until very recently, had you known to look for me in that listing you mention. After being away for over 2 years I notice many changes in the educators' footprint in world; and, not all of those changes are bad, either. The quality of designs has improved; the bar is being raised. I suspect that we are still in the early stages of discovering how this technology can augment instruction. VRprofessor makes strong points in scrutinizing t
  6. Where can I go to see a Pandora Bot store greeter? A friend is thinking about placing a Pandora bot as a greeter in their store. It would be helpful to see this in action, so I thought I would ask here...any recommendations?
  7. Howdy, y'all. Just moseyed on yonder 'n found the gate locked ("No access"). You folks got some prized heifers you keepin' corraled? Or, maybe you've just struck oil... Anyway, would pay a visit if you'd a mind for visitors. (Seems odd to post invitation here, and restrict access.)
  8. Within FaceCircle() fxn, after this line CAMERA_FOCUS, here, add: CAMERA_FOCUS_LOCKED, TRUE, Seems to work for me. HTH
  9. From within SL, selecting "Edit Profile" opens a panel with a padlock icon and no profile information. Clicking the padlock icon opens up a SL login screen (even though i am in world, logged in). How can i update my profile?
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