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  1. I also have this problem, I have emailled Flickr help because I tried Firestorm and the official viewer (latest update) and neither of them can make a connection to Flickr.
  2. 1. What gender is your character? Female. 2. Do you feel the second life community is sexist? Why or why not? The general community is fine and perhaps a bit better than RL, but then I look at the acceptance of Gorean sims and wonder why nobody is offended by misogyny. 3. As a male/female in second life, do you feel at all limited by your gender? Is there anything you can/can't do? Nope. 4. Do you think the real outside world would be more or less sexist then in second life? Why? More, because this is self-selecting.
  3. You want Gor without female chattel slavery? Isn't that like snow without water?
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