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  1. hi, i have a question about Sploders. When a sploder are against the Wagering policy, why did Linden Lab ignore it since more than 10 years? I know a sploder is more like a lotterie, but the most clubs in sl have already rezzed one and the most people use it for party-fun and not for profit. Currently i dont know any club without a sploder. sincerely yours Dae
  2. Redzone was not the only system in Second Life. The topic is still current and there are still defamed Residents. But there is another possibility to consider these stalkers away the ground under their feet and thus remove any financial basis for the continued existence of such sh!tty tools. Every designer, creator and seller of what holds up and is familiar with this matter, and thinks not only with the account balance can easily boycott any club and / or mall, in such a system is used. Just do not rent a shop in such locations. There are plenty of other venues that are not controlled by pa
  3. hi all, for several days we discussed the topic at SLinfo http://www.slinfo.de/vb_forum/allgemeine-diskussionen-zu-secondlife/78491-shop-zugang-payment-info-wtf.html , payment info to enter the region / parcel for commercial locations. In my opinion this is a stupid idea, because it blocks out too many well-meaning customers without PIOF. During the discussion, I came up with the idea to create a JIRA proposal https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7199 , which shows that there is a better way to protect yourself against griefers, without which you banished all the same. My suggestion mean
  4. huhu, wenn du einen Viewer verwendest, der noch 2 Eingabefelder anzeigt, versuche es mal mit deinem Namen im ersten Feld und gebe im zweiten Feld Resident oder resident als Nachname ein. LG Dae
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