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  1. @Nyll Thanks for replying. FN F7 actually mutes the computer on the M14X. They changed the design on this one significantly with the new video card. We actually set the entire laptop to use the Nvidia card all the time for every application and still nothing. We we're on with Dell technical support for quiet some time and they had control of the laptop so if it was easy as activating the card they would have gotten that figured out I would think. Would it be possible for you to tell me what video card your GF has in the M17x? I'm thinking SL just doesn't like the 555m and I may need to return this laptop and get a diffrent card.
  2. Actually I'm having the same issue with a Alienware m14x. Its got the same card. I spent hours online with Dell technical support to no avail. Despite running viewer 2 with that card it still does about 2 FPS. I think it might have to do with second life using the onboard graphics card instead of the GPU desipte all settings... Has anyone found a solution to this yet by chance?  
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