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  1. The sim needed to be restarted. Everything works fine now.
  2. For those of us who are still waiting and are resigned to living in an old-style home for the time being: Have the control panels for the old homes been disabled, or is it just me? I want to make a couple of tweaks to the textures, but the control panel is blank. (Damn, I hate "living"on a sandbox...)
  3. My Linden Home does not respond when I try to use the home control panel to change my wall color. The webpage gives me an error and tells me to either click on the panel again or wait until later. Clicking just gives me another error, and I've been trying daily for over a week. I tried to reset the script permissions per a suggestion given to the resident with the disabled door, but that option was already turned on. I would just as soon be able to change my walls manually, but I'm sure not everyone knows how to change textures, and there would be chaos in Linden Land.... Help, please?
  4. If you have been experiencing this over the past few days, it may be because LL has just updated the servers, and it always takes some time before everything settles in. Last night, I could neither TP half the time without crashing, or even stay online for more than 30 minutes before "red-mapping" and being booted. Today (so far), I have not been having any trouble more serious than flailing on arrival.
  5. The current version of Emerald does contain a utility for exporting/importing objects to/from your local hard drive, which is handy for builders who have way too many "Oops! Moments" the way I do. I suppose that could be construed as a copying utility... except that it doesn't work on No Mod/No Copy/No Transfer (or any combination thereof) items of which you are not the creator, or on things that don't belong to you. As for being "legal," the Viewer Police have yet to knock on my door, nor has my account been banned. I suspect the person with the anti-Emerald sentiments has probably gotten a bee in their bonnet over copy-bots, has heard about the aforementioned utility and has decided that Emerald made the perfect target for their ill humor without actually looking to discover the facts of the matter.
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