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  1. We have posted this vacancy ad. earlier at this forum, but we noticed that the applicants are applying using their real life names.   Please note , we will not be able to reach you unless you apply using your second life names , there is no way in second life that we can identify you by your real names . Please use the name you enter when you sign in to the second life browser. If you want to make sure , write the name you have in search option in your browser , if you are traceable and your name appeared in SL data base then we will be able to reach you  , else please do not apply as your effort will go in  vain .  Thanks for taking note.

    Now we are looking for an applicant whose name in the application is Patrick Spoon , Mr. Spoon , pls apply again with your second life log in name that we can use to locate you in second life .  

    We urgently now require , French-English/Spanish-English/Dutch-English/German-English/Italian-English/Portuguese-English. All other pairs are most welcome to apply . Please apply using "Translator " as your reference . Thank you. 

    Application form


  2. We require urgently foreign languages native speakers who can translate from their languages to English and vise-versa . Now our priorities are French-English/ German-English/ Spanish-English/Dutch-English/ Italian- English /Portuguese-English/ Japanese-English/ Chinese-English/

    All other pairs are most welcome to apply

    Please fill up the application form now and use " Translator " as your reference :

    Application Form

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