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  1. As one of the original Mafia Godmothers in Second Life. I am the Head of "The New Commission" comprised of the 6 strongest Original Mafia families in Second Life Group still very much exists). I don't see how the roleplay we enjoyed back then would be of any worth now. As back then we actually could roleplay as actual mafia for peoples businesses, clubs, security you name it, and we made quite a nice sum of money doing it. Other than roleplay with no fun, by causing havoc for fear of getting banned, how is that working out for you? I am actually very curious.
  2. I will check these out thank you very much for your input
  3. Message me in world. I'm happy to share what I have with you!!
  4. send me a friends req in game, Ill be happy to let you know the ones I HAVE found to date, as there are a few already, and am happy to share. As I said even bloggers anymore its all about the clicks, I could care less about the clicks, never could, the ones that read my stuff actually look for quality, and uniqueness, and have plenty of money to spend on it! I also only actually LOOK at a few OLD SCHOOL bloggers that actualy know what they are talking about, those are the ones I actually will seek out.
  5. by all means SEnd me your Landmark!! I already know who you are, as I said Ive been around a very long time, and i KNOW the fashion world VERY WELL in SL...I want to come see your store, and what is new, and I get what your saying, completely. There has ALWAYS been a large demand in SL for "club wear" I also notice the constant Fashion fairs which force our designers to constantly be putting our exclusive only items to get there stuff out there and gives them less time to design. Im asking you to send me your LM in SL. I WANT advertising, im on a quest here...I WILL find what im looki
  6. Hello All, I have been apart of Second Life since 2003 technically when it all began, My 2nd Avie and current one is Stacy Maracas. I have been involved with many many things in SL, including the Fashion World, just not as of late. I took a break from SL for about a year, off and on. I came back with the whole new "mesh" fun and I am very perplexed. It seems to me with this new mesh there seems to be no "quality" clothing any longer. Its like all show me your ass club wear! I have gone from place to place to place TRYING to find quality designs, high fashion, and even casual, but im
  7. Thank you Irene So in that same manner, I can keep the place lit on fire.....and not a dang thing he can do about it lol
  8. 6K A WEEK....... Also, I am not about Defaming anyone nor is that my intention, but I was legitimately ripped off, and I feel that others should know about it. Please know that since I have brought this to light, others have messaged me in world, and I now have written statements, not just from any other residents but prominent business owners and long standing members of the SL Community that have also been ripped off by this person..... I feel so stupid, as long as I have been here to have been bamboozled, but rest assured I am not gonna stop till this dude is out of business.... I
  9. Ok thank you for the responses. I think this will have to be one of those few times that I do use my Second Life age, as well as My standing as one of the first SL Mentors, and network like only I can, i wonder how many bloggers, magazines, SLTV and radio would be interested in this person.....my bet is, as many people as I know, (not bragging, just gonna use it), my bet is that within a week his land rentals go to hell. SO maybe time to fight back old school way..... Thanks you all for the advice. -Stacy
  10. I rented 1/2  HOMESTEAD sim form this guy in SL, I have been here since Oct 2004, so not a new resident in SL.  I pad THREE MONTHS advance for this.  within one week he allowed a CLUB to be put up on a HOMESTEAD and it lags me so bad I cant even MOVE on my own land.  I spent one week trying to contact him he ignores me.  I finally go a response form him when i thretaened to contact Linden Labs about his lack of customer support with his land.  He responded to me that tier is non refundable and tough. I told him i pay him three months in advance and there is NO CLU
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