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  1. LL provides a skin weighted fitted mesh avie at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Rigging_Fitted_Mesh Is there any version of the older non-fitted mesh avie available that is already skin weighted? Can't seem to find one on the wiki on my own.
  2. I'm running the latest official viewer and it seems all the neat features that helped taking nice snapshots are gone. Earlier I used full screen freeze and this really freezed the world. I could move my camera around to find nice angle to compose a shot and everything in world would stay still until I closed the snapshot window. Now this does not seem to be possible any longer. It really makes composing shots so much more difficult, specially if you want to catch a more action packed scene. When I move the camera now there seems to be some white line at top of the screen and few pixels that seem to be moving around. Is there any way to move this line down?
  3. What are the joints supposed to be named in the skeleton hierarchy for bvh export? It seems to be different from joint names used to bind meshes. At upload SL says root should be "hip" (instead of "mPelvis") but what are rest of the joints supposed to be named?
  4. @Lela: Perhaps you should do your research about the subject before whining about it on a four months old blog post. Mesh is not going to replace the regular AV shapes and skins. Mesh is used to make more awesome dragons, werewolves, robots, aliens and other AVs that has been mainly made with prims/sculpties so far. Mesh is as Kwakkelde mentioned in a post above an additional tool for content, not a replacement. So stop claiming end of the world when you clearly don't understand what you are talking about, THAT is disgusting.
  5. ...so no option to NOT have SL clear cache randomly on startups?
  6. The cache is set to 1Gb, connection is fine (100/10Mbit) drawdistance is low (64m), video card is fine (GTX 285). Clearing cache should not be needed unless there is problems with it.
  7. Is there any way to stop SL from cleaning the texture cache automaticly from time to time? There seems to be no pattern to when SL starts cleaning the cache. Sometimes it goes couple of weeks between them, sometimes it cleans it several times per week. All this without me telling it to do so. Really annoying when a quick relog turns into 5 minute wait. (running 3.0 viewer but this has happened for some time on earlier versions as well)
  8. FBX to the 2011.3 standalone converter and from there to collada worked wonders. Thanks for the help.
  9. Seems multiple materials from maya 2012 with the DAE_FBX exporter is not working. And as opencollada does not have support for maya 2012 I am wondering if there is any workaround this? Preferably without installing and exporting through another software package.
  10. It means that the group role you have in the group is set to share the costs of the group. Things like listing group land in search. To turn this off a group manager with permissions must click off the "pay group liabilities..." checkbox under group accounting options.
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