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  1. Ich stimme Catherine zu, die Avatare sahen alle wie noobs aus. Ich würde keinerlei Kompetenzen vermuten, sondern eher davon ausgehen dass sie nach L$ fragen.
  2. Well I have a question which is maybe a bit ahm odd. Why are those model courses so expensive? Do people really learn something there? I have been at the finishing event of one of those model courses - it was not Avenue models it was an other Model Agency - and actually there was one of those who took part in that course and paid I think 6000 L$ for it who was actually wearing high heels with an alphaprim which was so big that there was a gap between her primfeet and her legs. To be honest it made me laugh as it was pretty funny to see somebody walking around all proud and happy and not even
  3. Creative Insanity has a Kimono one and a corset one. For Kimonos there is also one available at KAMI-HITOE
  4. Second Sites is an other resource for locations. Unfortunatly only few people use the chance to submit pictures of sims. That page could be a great community project in my opinion if more people would share their favourite sims.
  5. In my opinion the peties are great. They are cute and so many designers work on items for them. It was a wonderful idea from yabusaka to give others all the informations they needed to create skins and more for those avatars. So its possible to make those avatars more individual although they all use the same shape. And they are finally small avatars which work with my normal ao. Thats something I always did not like about tinies that there is not a really big amount of different animations for them. For me the petites made me have some awesome and funny roleplay I would never have thought o
  6. It might be cynical but shouldn't those contests be called popularity contest and not photocontest?
  7. Lost Beach is a sim which is worth to be explored. Its a part of the Lost Angels sim chain, which means that it is a roleplay sim. But as its some sims away from the heart of the sims its a calm place as long as the local vampire family does not have events there. Its a bit grungy and there is a great underwater part. At the beach promenade are some stores for example a big magic store and a tattoo studio. If you do not wear a combat meter people will mainly ignore you. And the roleplayers in lost angels are very friendly. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lost%20Beach/211/162/72
  8. I like Frippery by Elizabeth Tinsley very much. I have no clue how much patience that woman has. She uses so many prims and puts them together to very cute pieces. She even makes outfits for petites out of prims. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ode/215/223/78 Beside her store there are some things at Amorous which are really great in my opinion. And there is of course Alchemy Immortalis.
  9. Ich weiß nicht, ich fand es ziemlich einfach items auf dem marketplace einzupflegen. Das einzige Problem das ich hatte war, dass ich am Anfang die Berechtigungen falsch gesetzt hatte, was sich aber leicht berichtigen ließ . Es ist ja sogar möglich ein Item aus der magic box zu entfernen ein korrigiertes Objekt in dieses Item zu packen und das Ganze wieder in die Magicbox zu stecken, ohne dass man den Eintrag auf dem Marketplace ändern muss. Meiner Meinung nach spricht dies dafür, dass der Marketplace gar nicht so kompliziert ist. Auch ein Umzug der Magicbox war ohne Probleme möglich. Das Ein
  10. Ich dachte erst, dass es Haare von Magika sein könnten, dies war aber eine falsche vermutung. An deiner Stelle würde ich Alice Project versuchen. Ansonsten ist die Empfehlung im englischen Forum nachzufragen ziemlich gut.
  11. I would also recommend Miamai. The blacklabel collections of that store are very creative and the designer has an amazing feeling for textures. This is the slurl to Miamai: Miamai in SL
  12. If you do not mind that there are also other races give Lost Angels a try. Its a very open place and there are vampires and lycans, the combats can be either with a meter or roleplayed and its not important whom you love as long as the one you love is an adult. I roleplay for some time there and enjoy it.
  13. A tool like this would be awesome. I also would like to know with what kind of search my products have been found, so that I could be able to improve my keywords. It would be great if there would be some more SEO tools avaiable for the marketplace.
  14. Hello, I think I just got griefed by a resident with many many friendrequests which actually also made me crash. I did not count them but I get my offline ims as email and got around 100 emails full of those friendrequests so as there were around 14 of those in every of those emails I guess it was really meant to make me crash. Of course I reported the person as soon as it was over. That might help hopefully. But now I have a question. I wonder what to do when something like this happens again. Is there a way to deal quickly with the situation? Like would it help to go into the busy mode to k
  15. Dagmar Haiku

    Voice Echo

    Hello, a friend of mine has a problem with voice. When ever he talks the only thing I could hear is what he hears (I hear the sounds he hears, and even his windows sounds). He uses Phoenix and Windows 7. Is here anybody who knows that problem and knows how to solve it? And maybe I should add that I do not hear him at all. As long as his voice is turned on that green dot is active over his head but his voice isn t hearable, only that echo. <3 Dagmar Edit: He uses a headset
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