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  1. Harbor Street in new appearance ...🙂 The streetcars are getting overhead power lines now ... I love details 😉
  2. New Antiquarian Bookstore at New Orleans ! Need something special to read ? Here you´ll find it ... located at Harbor St No 9 🙂 New Orleans Antiquarian Bookstore
  3. I´ll keep my fingers cross for your plan. New Orleans is such an amazing place to stay ! I´m very sure you´ll love it ! 😊
  4. This is very touching, that she´s still in the thoughts of so many people. Time flies (even in SL a little faster than outside) and people tend to go on with their lifes. The memories fade and turn into some vague white fog, which becomes a little more distant with each passing day and month. Until the time, when nothing remains, than the dull feeling, that there is a hole in some hearts, that will never heal complete any more. Thank you so much for keeping Amanda´s memory alife ! Wish you were here ... The great gig in the sky Shine on your crazy diamond "The human being is not really dead until no one thinks about him anymore" (Bertold Brecht, german poet)
  5. What a great video ! I Love it ! 😊 Thank you so much for sharing it here ! 🤩
  6. Thank you for your kind words. This here is one of the very last pics I took of her. It was taken in our dining room at our New Orleans home. We had the habbit to TP in and out at this place and say good bye for the night there. I also took this pic to display it at her memorial service at our old Club "Second Home" in New Orleans. She was a real beauty, not only on the outside. If you look closeley, you can see the sparks in her eyes. This is so totally her. Her warm and kind nature, was a pure joy to experience. I´m amazed and fascinated to see how many, many people she touched in here and in SL in general. I got so much the compassion from so many different people. You can say ... she was one of those rare "one in a million" humans, to bring something special to others. A lot of people in her Navy group, the friends, the renters of New Orleans and people from the SL forum, were touched by her in a good and positive way. I could not imagine any more, you could ask for. Since she is gone, I tried to go on with life and keep the things she loved, find a new "normal" for me. It is very hard, very strange and still hurts like hell. On some days it goes better ... on other days it´s not possible. This is her at our living room at the christmas time. It was always her "duty" to decorate for christmas.
  7. Who would have thought, that the park can be such a dangerous place ?! 😉
  8. Since I´m the widow of Amanda, you are maby interested into my opinion. I would love to see her pics in here. I also think it´s kind of a memorial for her. I made a post with a collection of some of her pics and some other related stuff click here
  9. Breaking News ! Tragic accident with NOLA public transport ! In the early evening of the 26th of September 2021, the city authorities finally solved the riddle of the missing St. Charles Streetcar. One felt down from the (above the city) working platform about 2 weeks ago and was never seen again. A city hall clerk assured us, that "no one called the authorities in this case". Until today. A walker in the park discovered it today and finally called the authorities. The walker, Jony Codesmith, a NOLA renter, said: " I was as surprised as you are now, when I found it in the park!". Until the evening, the clearing up on the scene was still in progress.
  10. Thank you so much for all the help and your patience. It was all a real fun project ! The NOLA Public Works Department surpassed itself again ... 😄
  11. Houseboat for rent ! Want to live on the water ? We have an anchorage at the NOLA Harbor. Fully furnished ... when you want.
  12. Thank you so much for your constant support, Chatelaine ! I´m really happy, that you like the new stuff 😆
  13. Get your stamp in NOLA The city is now a member of the Forever Tourist exploring game. Check out the website to get more informations: Forever Tourist Passport holder information The stamp kiosk is located here: New Orleans Forever Tourist Kiosk
  14. 🚇 new NOLA Public Transport Map 🚇 Here you´ll find an updated map of the streetcar lines, the ferry and the all the stops in town.
  15. 🚢 new NOLA Ferry in operation ! 🚢 The brand new Ferry is in operation now ... with several stops in the whole city. Feel free to try it out 😊
  16. Absolutely ! 😊 What kind of music do you do ? 🎼🎶🎸
  17. New Kayak Tour aviable. Now we offer several Kayak tours in town. You can choose from 3 different routes and explore the city from thew water side. The Kayak station is located at NOLA Harbor, West Side Pier. Have fun ...
  18. 🚇 NOLA Public Transport Map 🚇 For a better orientation in the city, here you´ll find a map of the streetcar lines and the stops in town.
  19. 🚇 Riverfront Streetcar Line 🚇 Finally the second, red, Riverfront Streetcar Line, is on duty now. 😄 So NOLA has now two streetcar lines ! Feel free to try them out.
  20. Hello ya´ll and welcome in the deep south ! This city is inspired by late 20th century New Orleans, Louisiana. My deceased partner and me build and run this wonderful place for about 12 years now. We truely love it and call it a home. We didn´t do a 100 % RL copy, we tried more to catch the spirit. And as many of our RL NOLA resident visitors, and our long time residents told us ... we nailed it. NOLA image movie 2017 NOLA 2021 NOLA LM NOLA in SL forum Feel free to visit sometimes, enjoy the southern hospitality and our legendary customer service. 🙂
  21. Hello Luna. I feel you. We are not a RP community ... you can RP here...but you don´t need to 🙂 We have several long time residents with the same imagination of laid back living, like you. Some are here for almost a decade (NOLA is around since about 12 years now). I would be more than happy, to show you around and answer all your question ! Maby see you soon ? *points to this* -> https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/475174-new-orleans-in-sl/ Friendly greetings. 😊 Sandrine Dallin-Vanbeeck NOLA City Municipality
  22. 🚇 Public Transport in NOLA ! 🚇 Finally we have public transport in NOLA ! 😆 You´ll find all over the city diffrent streetcar stops of the green St. Charles streetcar line. Feel free to try it out 🚇
  23. Don´t miss the second NOLA movie ! A visitor from Japan made it. 😊 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6t7dwYAb6Y
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