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  1. https://gyazo.com/64f42597625832d28c9f27ca2d1c778e
  2. Will any of the work on new bones (Project Bento) be incorporated into the default/system avatar? I am interested specifically in the facial bones being incorporated into the default/system head so that one can retain personalized facial appearance while having the enhanced expressions that Project Bento seems to provide.
  3. The entire 11 sim wonderland known as Calas Galadhon Park! There's something there for everyone to enjoy, from cuddle boat rides, hot air balloon tours, kayaking, horse back riding, buggy rides, dancing on all 11 sims, whale riding, live music events at their two venues--the Dolphin Cafe and the Oz Nightclub--ride an eagle over the marshes of Gulf of Lune, cuddle with someone special in one of the many many spots designed just for such... be warned, if you go, you may never want to leave This park should always be listed in the Destination Guide!
  4. PLEASE BE AWARE Thu, Apr 05 2012 9:36:01 PM PDT There is a new message being passed around claiming to be from Linden Lab re: a free AO from a group called "Second Life Shop". This is a false rumor. I spoke with Linden Lab this evening to confirm. If you are asked about it, please reassure residents and use this as a chance to remind them that it is always a good idea to use caution when accepting anything from people you do not know. I know I don't say this often enough, but thank you all for your hard work and dedication. You all are amazing. Tender Skytower, Rockcliffe University Administration
  5. I've not personally received the AO from anyone. What I have received is many many many notices about it, all prefaced with the 'Brief notice from Linden Labs'... and I find it quite odd that said notice isn't to be found ( at least by my efforts ) on their website. Just seems logical if there was such an alarming threat running rampant in SL, there would be a easily found notice about it on the Second Life website... somewhere.
  6. Would someone from LL please address this? I'm sick of getting the notices about it inworld and cannot find the 'brief notice from Linden Labs' referenced in all the spam I'm getting. Quote: Brief notice from Linden Labs, there is a group called Second Life Shop going around giving away free AO's. After you accept and wear the AO it will steal your avatar ID and would take all your Lindens. Please be careful and don't accept this AO! Unquote
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