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  1. I have to agree with a lot of what you said. Specially with the old homes... They were blah, and became very outdated once LL increased our free parcel to 1024sqm. So to answer your questions: Something new? Sure. Did I like the look? Heck yeah! And the fact i could select from different models and more options when it came to customizing it. New continent layout? Yes, really enjoyed the roads, docks and water! The option to live on the water had a HUGE appeal to me. I lived on mainland coast prior to go sailing and flying. So now I can live in a little community with o
  2. Already did when I bought the horse... 😉 Bought the Unicorn too at the FF. Along with textures and other goodies... LOL! Still havent unpacked both. I also have the animesh & bento WH, one major thing I liked Teegle over WH animesh was I didnt need to have pathfinding on the sim enabled for the horse to wander. 👍
  3. Yaaaay! I bought a Teeglepet but havent even upacked it yet 🙄 Now I have a reason! 😆
  4. Oh! I found this over the weekend and didn’t even realize it was user created! Lol very nice job indeed!
  5. w00t w00t!! 😁 Isnt a good thing you decided not to cancel Premium! 😁❤️ CONGRATS! 🎉
  6. What scuba set is that? And are you using a static pose?
  7. Thank you Brianna! And congrats on your new home and those that where fortunate enough to claim one this time. And just to be clear to others, this isnt about rubbing it in the face of those that missed out. I'm just very happy and appreciative that I was lucky enough to grab one this round since I missed the first wave. So those that missed, hang in there and your time will come! ❤️
  8. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to the Lindens, Patch and all the Moles for adding the Boat Houses. ❤️
  9. In like Flynn got mine! Im in Guillemot Channel 😁 Happy boating to all those that get one!
  10. looks like they are up but I'm getting errors claiming We're Sorry... An unknown error occurred. Please try your Linden Home selection again. Secondlife.com | My Account
  11. I gotta pee! But I'm gonna hold it! Oh wait maybe I can bring the iPad to the bathroom and keep refreshing! 🤣
  12. I've entered panic mode... ooooh please no one at work call me right now about issues... LOL! 🤣
  13. I'm 99% sure you just need to claim it. And can wait till later to get to you plot. I'm in the same situation today lol! 😁
  14. I'm at work, but will be watching the house page like a hawk! 😁🦅
  15. Curious thing I noticed, for the last week or so all of the Meadowbrook model homes where available. Today only Grayson is available. Did they already start shrinking the old 512sqm homes?? Or just another influx of Premium accounts? 🤔 Oh wait, never mind I mistook the grey houses as unavailable. I forgot those unavailable just dont show up on the list. Just ignore me 🤣
  16. Mmmmmm, no. 😁 I pay yearly. And as Cougar pointed out, I'm not giving up my added group space, stipend, and priority in getting into full events. I use those features the most. Its nice to have a free home but I'll wait. I might ***** a little a bit, but hey thats just me. 😁
  17. Patch already stated this next rollout was house boats only followed by homes afterwards. 😉
  18. I'm guessing this year, more specifically when I go on vacation and dont have internet access... 😁
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