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  1. Mainland only for me. I love my freedom and no way in Hell would I put up with the Bellesarian Covenant. I like dealing directly with the Lab and not having to worry about the estate being sold out from under me.
  2. Because the rules make no sense at all to people who want nothing to do with Bellissaria and it's damned covenant. Seriously, we don't donate our tier to the Lab. We entered into an fiduciary agreement with them and part of that agreement is that we can have banlines and orbs. Now the Lab may choose to change that agreement, but it would do so at the cost of landowners and they don't want to do that. Bellissarians need to stop trying to make rules for the rest of us to live by.
  3. An orb cannot tp you from land you own, unless it is not working properly. First check the boundaries of your land. If you are within the boundary and the orb is still teleporting you, don't bother to contact the owner, AR it.
  4. What are the Olympics? Are they still having them? Oh that's right. During the Cold War we watched to see the East German men disguised as women and laughed at them a lot. Once that ended, who cared?
  5. Good heavens. How to make me feel old. Television? I can't remember a time without it, because my parents bought their first b&w set, that' all the had then, before I was born. So I grew up with Tom Corbett, Space Patrol, Rocky Jones...the usual. When I was 8 the Outer Space Community Theater was running the old Flash Gordon serials and as they conflicted with church, church just had to go. Movies? Well, I saw Forbidden Planet for the first time when I was 13 and I WANTED THAT KRELL MACHINE! Toys? So many I could not tell you my favorite but I had more toy guns that every other kid in the neighborhood combined.
  6. All this makes me enjoy driving my internal combustion engine car and eating meat more.
  7. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only person this is happening to. I was thinking it was a problem with my keyboard.
  8. Ebbe had the odd, for a CEO, habit of appearing unexpectedly inworld and one time I was in my building in Bay City and there he was looking around. We went up to Executive Suite and sat in the boardroom to have a nice chat. I fear I must have bored him terribly but he was gently tolerant of this old codger in the funny helmet. He understood that SL was unlike any other business in that the relationship between the Lab and the Residents was not purely business. That is why we mourn his passing. He was not just the CEO of the company. He was, in a very real sense, one of us.
  9. There are few things more fun than shocking the in-laws.
  10. I made a 5 LI two story skybox, 30x15x10 which on a 512 left 170 LI for stuff. As I am not particularly interested in realism there was no kitchen or bathroom but it held a huge living room on one floor and a large bedroom on the the other. You can do a lot with a little experience.
  11. I would have about as much use for it as I have for Bellesaria, which is to say none whatsoever.
  12. Always check out the parcel before you buy it. Some can very oddly shaped after years of different owners carving them. Clicking about land on your menu will show the boundry lines. The other thing to check is the "covenant"section. This is not usually an issue on the mainland but on estate land it can be as long as the damnable Bellisarian one. You will find a lot of land advertised as being "for sale" at a ridiculously low price but what that really is glorified renting and you are dealing with a landlord. (Actually, all land is technically just space rented on a server from the Lab but when you "own" outright you are dealing directly with the lab and not through a third party. Think of tier as property tax) The advantage of rented land, however, is that it does not count against your tier. The main disadvantage is that you have to keep paying the landlord and that can be more expensive than paying tier in the long run. There is also the quite real danger of the landlord leaving SL and you arriving home to find the home gone. It is also good to bring up the map when you are on the parcel so you can see what the rest of area is like. You may not want to buy land in the same region as a busy club. Those are a nightmare to have for neighbors and if you see place with lines of green dots, buy elsewhere. You will be happy you did. Speaking of neighbors, one of the joys of the mainland is that within the limits of the land impact and shape of the parcel you can build just about anything you want to live in. But that means the folks next door can do the same thing. Normally not a problem but it is something consider when you look at a parcel.
  13. A couple of pieces of advice for folks coming. First, any vehicle in the parade has to be wearbable. Scripted vehicles will not survive the all devouring lag monster. Second, try to keep your complexity as low as possible. Everyone will turn down their complexity thing because of all the avis and you don't want to be just another jelly bean. Third, try to stay out of the path of the conga line unless you are in it. It is embarrassing to be run over.
  14. I had Moderna for both with no major side effects. Just a little fever, nothing that chicken soup and vitamin C couldn't handle.
  15. I have a number of parcels because I like to build, including my stratoscraper in Bay City and my land in Zindra. In the old days it was useful to have a number of parcels so you could jump around and avoid the restarts.
  16. Upload a pic of a Ouija Board, put it on a prim. Put the prim on a wall and use your mouse pointer as the planchette. That will direct you to a reliable psychic, or not.
  17. I believe the proper phrase is, "When Hell freezes over." No one gives a hoot about Kazakhstan.
  18. I've done business meetings in SL with my clients for years and when I put the meeting room in my place in Zindra everyone really started to enjoy them.
  19. It is easy to deal with. Encase everything in a box that is opaque from the outside but invisible from the inside. That way you have your view and fulfill the TOS requirement at the same time. This also gives you the opportunity to make the box really ugly because it is fun to annoy the neighbors.
  20. And here we all thought that the Lab had just had an internal contest to see who could come up with the silliest name.
  21. And everyone on Zindra says, "There goes the neighborhood."
  22. Being a bad neighbor can be fun if you have a neighbor who is a pain in the ass. If you have nice neighbors, that is different but there are few things more fun that responding to a neighbor who terraforms so you have one side almost facing a cliff with a large prim towering over his land. I always put a fence up around my lands, not to keep people out but to make sure I don't build over onto anyone else.
  23. Have some fun with it. Set your land to allow damage and then shoot them. Organize bot hunts with your legitimate tenants. Make a contest of it. Who gets the most kills gets a free rent period.
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