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  1. Not having a business I can't say but I would think having a place where people who buy something can rez it but not add to the LI count on your own land would be a benefit. I have a rez zone next to one of my lands and it has not been a problem in the 9 years I've owned the place.
  2. Those of us in the Chicago Diaspora have long had a solution for the ever present hearts and flower. We celebrate Massacre Day, in honor of the loyal minions of St. Al Capone doing execution upon the deceitful and vile sellers of bad beer beer, the Moran gang.
  3. Better than the first batch, but that was so bad anything would be better.
  4. A lot of landowners in Bay City know each other because we meet at different events and even we don't know each other well, we recognize the names, so if you have been around for a while the seller may already know you and cut you a deal. I have a feeling this is something unique to Bay City and may not apply so often elsewhere.
  5. Buying land in desirable regions is often a waiting game combined with being online at the right moment. I was renting a nice parcel in Bay City but I don't like renting in SL any more than I like it in RL so I made a point of checking parcels for sale on a regular basis. The only problem was, and is, that over a 100 grand for a 1024 is going to put you in the area of spending real money. My inner Scrooge McDuck rebelled at such a notion. In spite of that, the cost of the rent was adding up to the point where it made better long-term sense to buy and as I was looking around while gritting
  6. I wish I had room for that in this mess of an office.
  7. Being as perfect as I already am, there is nothing to resolve.
  8. One of the joys of Mainland is not having to live in Bellisaria which makes me think of something spawned in the deranged mind of Disney. I avoid their damnable covenant, the architecture I cannot stand and having neighbors whose one joy in life is measuring the height of people's trees so they can AR them. I'm also a total hard ass when it comes to property lines. I work very hard to keep from intruding on the neighbors and I consider it simple courtesy for them to return the favor. If my land gets intruded on, no matter how elaborate the build, by so much as the turning of a hair, an
  9. As of yesterday all of my parcels have moved to the cloud and none of them have caught fire, so by the standards of SL it seems to be working quite well.
  10. I was seven and I saw my parental units piling my presents under the tree. I learned later that Santa had been shot down by the Air Force over Canada after being mistaken for a Soviet Bomber.
  11. If all goes well, meaning our governor does not have a fit of megalomania, my wife and I will do our usual holiday stuff, eating at a local restaurant on Thanksgiving (not having to cook is the only reason to be thankful) and a few presents on Christmas eve and then Christmas dinner at the same restaurant, hopefully avoiding any contact with family for the duration. Personally, the holidays are a pain in the rear end and only an excuse for the lazy bums in the postal service not to work those days. On the other hand, I get to say, "Are there no prisons?" to everyone with their paw out fo
  12. If you are on the mainland you can build to any height under 4096 as long as you don't intrude on the neighbors parcel. If the the neighbors don't like it, sucks to be them. They aren't paying your tier.
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