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  1. Half the fun of Thanksgiving is eating in a restaurant and not having turkey. When people hear that they turn all purple and steam comes out of their ears. The other half is going home, taking a nap and not watching football. But best of all is avoiding family like the plague.
  2. There is good cheap land to be had if you take the time to look for it and you don't have to put up with a covenant once you have it. The best way is open the map, click land for sale and then go look at the parcel you are interested in.
  3. I would enjoy seeing a return of inworld stores rather than MP. I infinitely prefer seeing a product inworld than as a picture on marketplace.
  4. I'm seeing a lot of building on areas that used to be empty so the idea that mainland is suffering a Bellissaria effect is probably utter nonsense. It is probably just people not wanting to pay the prices for waterfront land and the sellers not wanting to be stuck paying tier so they are lowering their prices.
  5. As of now, I see nothing being offered with the premium plus that would be of sufficient value for me to go for it. I have a perfectly good last name, no need to worry about that. I have 0 interest in Bellissaria, no need to care about that except it would nice if the moles could do a little work for the rest of the grid. I don't sell on Marketplace, so no concerns there. I was a little annoyed when they jacked the price of premium but I'm still paying less per annum than I was before the tier reduction a couple years back, so no big deal even though I got nothing of value from it, not having any use for more groups under the best of circumstances. What is coming down to is not only the bottom line for lab (and we have no idea how much money they are losing with Sansar, I doubt it is turning a profit for the lab) and the bottom line for the individual member. What is a new name really worth for people no matter how much they may want one? It's going to be fun to see how it works out.
  6. I have used the thomas conover orb for a number of years now. It is easy to set up and use. I've yet to hear a complaint about it crossing property lines. As far as having friends rez, simply set the land to allow everyone to rez. If you are already blocking unwanted visitors you should not have many problems with you place being littered and if you should they are easily returned.
  7. I would certainly use it if I were entertaining, so to speak.
  8. It's very simple. Will what the premium plus offer of value to justify the increased cost to the consumer. I can only speak for myself. Extra tier free land would be nice but is the cost less than merely increasing my existing tier? An increased stipend is nice but would it be enough to balance the membership cost increase? More groups, who cares. Not worth what I'm paying now. Last name? I have a perfectly good last name. There is no need to change it. Priority for a home in Belli (meaning not having to deal with the impossible situation they created that now exists for the people who want one)? No thank you. I don't like Belli one little bit, neither the architecture nor the covenant. If you want a home in Belli you don't have me to compete with. So, unless the Lab comes up with some sort of very good deal, I can't see going the premium plus route.
  9. I have a pickup truck in my inventory already. I think it is more that men just don't buy as many outfits. We find something we like and don't change it very often which means there are not as many designers for men's clothing and avatars because the market is not there. Of course the Hello Kitty thing did not help much if you wanted to attract men. (Really, I took one look at the announcement and went YUCK!) 4WD mud racing would be much better.
  10. I have a 16 sq m I bought years ago that bordered a land I owned simply to prevent anyone else from getting it and putting some god-awful sign on it. I could have derendered a sign like I did another one next to it but derendering does have the disadvantage in that you can still bump into it. There was also the satisfaction of denying someone advertising space.
  11. I like my orbs and that is why I would never live in Belliseria.
  12. Mainland is like real life. You will have good neighbors and you will have neighbors whom you will gladly infect with the plague and whom no doubt will feel the same about you.
  13. Does not scare me a bit though I doubt it would do much good for my diabetes. On the other hand, if there were a way to make darker, it would be fun to surprise a friend who is deathly afraid of spiders and watch her jump through the nearest window.
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