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  1. I tried the Firestorm beta and lasted 20 minutes before my framerate died and my computer fan nearly ripped itself from its moorings.
  2. An easier solution would be to simply get rid of G rated regions.
  3. It would be fun to lead the revolution against it. I think the saying that applies would be "Hell NO! We won't go!"
  4. Definitely buy the parcel on the mainland. No need to deal with landlords and no silly Belliserria covenant and no crazy neighbors measuring your trees. Renting a single parcel is not worth the trouble. If you go into the rental business you need a lot of parcels and then the renters to pay for the tier fees. Buy the parcel and use it for yourself.
  5. I am willing to admit that I could be wrong, but while it may be great for the company I see no good coming of this for the residents. Archive everything and prepare to migrate to another grid.
  6. Never forget that SL has a built in safeword. It's the little X at the top of the right corner of the viewer. You can preach until your AV changes on its own but there are some just plain yucky people on SL and you aren't going to change them, nor frighten them. If they operate on the assumption that it is only a game showing upset is only going to give them a good laugh as they just move on to the next.
  7. I never worry about it. I'm lucky if I can spell a word right.
  8. Land. My two parcels in Bay City were a steal at $100,000 L for the two of them.
  9. On the surface, the leaked changes would seem to only benefit people who are in SL to make money, merchants, land barons, etc. There is nothing there that I can see that would justify the increased cost for anyone else which actually makes sound business sense. If you know that only a certain type of member is going to be willing to pay the increased cost, it would seem only rational to tailor those changes to that member.
  10. The key to a home for a 512 is to get the maximum interior space with the lowest LI. In other words, you can't build out but you can build up so the 512 is probably best for people who can build. If you are shopping, AnnaErotica has some very nice low LI builds that will fit a 512 with more than enough interior space.
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