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  1. Yes. It makes it possible for me to have business meetings with people on the other side of the world with a lot less hassle.
  2. The Linden Homes are a perk of membership but so is 1024 tier free. As I don't particularly care for the Linden Homes for a lot of reasons (mostly architecture), this is, for me, just another reason not to want one. Better to buy on the mainland and not have to be concerned about any of this. Mainland is not that expensive, I bought a 1024 for 400L not that long ago. To each his own. But I will say, there are few things more satisfying than being in your living room reading the various chat groups, and having the security globe tell you that someone tried to pop in, even though you are far from a living soul, and been instantly kicked home, wherever in hell their home may be. Instant ban just feels good. It's like locking the door. You don't have to let everyone in and then kick them out and lock the door after them. This way they just don't come in in the first place and folks don't approve of that, unfortunate to be them.
  3. I do not understand the appeal of that game at all and I cannot imagine the Lindens or the LDPW dedicating resources to it. It would be wonderful to see the continents linked but not for this.
  4. Just derender her walls and ignore her. Be sure to ban her from your land and then block her. After you have done that it is just a matter of time and waiting her out. Once she realizes that you are going nowhere she will probably move to greener pastures. Oh, and be a stickler about your land boundaries. If she puts anything up that crosses them by the turning of a hair, return them. Fly up to 4096 to make sure she has put nothing in the sky that crosses into your land and if it does return it. Remember, you pay good tier for your land. If she does not like it, it is her problem.
  5. I know that every time I open Firestorm and somebody has their paw out it really brings out the Ebeneezer Scrooge in me but then I am a thrifty man and I believe that if the linden is not screaming in pain you are not holding it tight enough.
  6. I use prims. I use only prims for a couple reasons, not the least being the only blender I can figure out is the one in the RL kitchen. Ok, serious. I don't like mesh. It never quite looks right in a building and sometimes takes forever to load properly. As far as the folks who dislike prim construction, I don't build for them. I build for me so, frankly, I don't care what they think.
  7. My guess it has something to do with the rolls on the server and the crumbs falling in breaking something.
  8. Seems that the contested sims are no longer contested and that makes things much more peaceful.
  9. About ten years ago the US Supreme Court addressed the issue and ruled that virual representations were protected speech, thus striking down all Federal and State laws on the matter. The law may still be on the books but it cannot be enforced. LL is making a wise business decision in its TOS, because virtual kiddie porn sets of a major PR yuck factor. Legally they can allow it (they are a US corporation and the servers are in the US so foreign law does not apply) but they don't want to.
  10. Oh the only thing we have to say to the non-nerds is, "We just bought the company you work for. You're fired. Have a Merry Christmas."
  11. I've found that wearable vehicles are the best. You don't have the excessive speed which makes control difficult and you don't have to worry about rezzing. You just wear the vehicle and drive off. The downside is you cannot carry passengers very well, if at all, depending on scripting, but for just driving yourself around, they are the way to go.
  12. I'm just sort of wondering how the policy can be enforced now. If the neighbor who might see you doing something naughty can't see you, how can they file an AR unless you are loudly moaning in open chat in their hearing range?
  13. Well, let's see. The Linden homes were obviously set up to get people to get premium memberships. But with a premium membership I believe you still can own a 512 without tier, which is the lot size for a Linden home. The Linden homes are prim intensive, a 70 prim house does not leave a lot of prims for decorating. But if you get a low prim building (or build one yourself, with the new megaprims you can make a big house with very few prims indeed. ) there are more than enough prims for decorating if you go with low prim furniture. All of which means the Linden homes don't make a lot of sense.
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