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  1. I'm waiting for the rollout and the massive grid failure which will cause the rollback. You know, just like every major change that comes from the lab. It's one of those things that makes SL fun and keeps us from getting bored.
  2. I am fortunate in that growing up in Chicago, Valentine's Day meant standing people up against a wall and shooting them with machine guns.
  3. If all they intend to offer is the opportunity for two Linden homes, they can keep it. I'm not interested in Linden homes. Extra tier free on mainland may be an incentive but it depends on the price. If they are going to do something foolish like triple the price of a normal premium--no thanks, not even for 10,000 groups or one more 1024. Seriously, I cannot imagine what they could offer that would justify that kind of outlay unless it was something like unlimited land ownership with no tier. I could take up being a land baron for that but I cannot imagine the Lindens doing such a thing. Even a tier free region would easily justify the higher premium but again, I doubt the Lindens would do it. It works like this. My membership, plus land tier comes out to approximately $520 a year. I can easily afford that. but if I increase my tier to buy more land it would come out approximately $880 per annum. I can afford it but I do not want to pay it. (I don't even want to think about what a region and membership costs. No wonder there are so many shopping malls. SL can be an expensive hobby.) So if the Lindens in their infinite mercy were to offer a super premium of $300 but increase the tier free land to say a half region (I'm pulling that out of a hat, it could be less but it is to be more than one 1024.), that is a damned good deal and one would be foolish to resist it.
  4. My local Chinese delivery includes hot mustard.
  5. My security orbs are hostile because I want them to be. The Bellissaria restrictions are one of the reasons I want no part of Bellissaria. (I hate the architecture and layout too.)
  6. The firestorm inworld group is not going to be much help if the person can't get on SL.
  7. I find that SL is pretty tame compared to my RL. Of course I have not been able to have an entire kitchen staff in a restaurant fired in SL because there really are no restaurants in SL. I know there are RP ones but really, it's pretty hard to RP a really badly done meal and mesh food just has no flavor to begin with. On the other hand, I can't fly in RL no matter how hard I flap my arms. It's a balancing act.
  8. Is there a reason I would have heard of these people?
  9. I prefer text over voice, hands down. Text does not have background noise. There are no mic glitches killing half the words. And if I'm in a business meeting with people with really different accents all trying to understand my Midwestern American, things just get confusing.
  10. Not too often but there is one neighbor I would regularly IM when a certain maker of automated vehicles would have stuff stuck on his land and if a neighbor was building I would offer to put him on my land access in case he had to come on my land to adjust something. In general it has worked out pretty well but most of the time I rarely see my neighbors. But I've had some that made me appreciate security globes and derendering.
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