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  1. As of yesterday all of my parcels have moved to the cloud and none of them have caught fire, so by the standards of SL it seems to be working quite well.
  2. I was seven and I saw my parental units piling my presents under the tree. I learned later that Santa had been shot down by the Air Force over Canada after being mistaken for a Soviet Bomber.
  3. If all goes well, meaning our governor does not have a fit of megalomania, my wife and I will do our usual holiday stuff, eating at a local restaurant on Thanksgiving (not having to cook is the only reason to be thankful) and a few presents on Christmas eve and then Christmas dinner at the same restaurant, hopefully avoiding any contact with family for the duration. Personally, the holidays are a pain in the rear end and only an excuse for the lazy bums in the postal service not to work those days. On the other hand, I get to say, "Are there no prisons?" to everyone with their paw out fo
  4. If you are on the mainland you can build to any height under 4096 as long as you don't intrude on the neighbors parcel. If the the neighbors don't like it, sucks to be them. They aren't paying your tier.
  5. Was pretty active yesterday. Of course after the mass human sacrifice it might be a little less today but we reincarnate fast.
  6. It's the Lab! IF anything CAN break, they will break it. But hell, if things always worked right we wouldn't have anything to complain about.
  7. No lessons. You learn in the back alley like the rest of us.
  8. When I first started reading this thread I put myself in the place of the neighbor and thought, "Oh Goody! I get to return a giant build! Won't that person (obsceneties deleted) be overjoyed, laugh my head off and push the button on them. Ah, but then I see all has been rectified. No fun! I hate happy endings.
  9. I'm a firm believer in the principal that good fences make good neighbors. I always fence in my lands simply because it makes it easier to place my builds rather than depend solely on the property line markers in the viewer. If it fits within the fence the I know that when I raise it it won't intrude on the neighbors.
  10. I rather like the automated vehicles and even after 11 years in SL I still like to hop on one occasionally. Of course I have to admit that I enjoyed the ones that got people really mad precisely because they did not work all that well. You never quite knew how long it would be before you hit the wrong region line and went flying off into space. It added a delightful random element to an environment that all too often worked perfectly.
  11. If it encroaches on my land I return it. If that does not work, like it is on a temp rezzer (you can tell if it returns after a short time), I AR it. There is no need to discuss anything. I pay good tier for my land and I respect land boundaries. I do not think it is inappropriate to expect the same. Now, there are times when something will intrude simply because the neighbor does not know how to read the boundary lines (sometimes the terrain makes them unclear) so I make it a point to put up low fencing to mark my land. Good fences make good neighbors in SL as well in RL.
  12. It's simple. If you own your land on the mainland, meaning you are not renting from an estate, you can put up anything you want. I never change my lands with the seasons because I hate snow.
  13. I tried the Firestorm beta and lasted 20 minutes before my framerate died and my computer fan nearly ripped itself from its moorings.
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