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  1. the my sl feed appears stuck, no notices in the grid status
  2. interesting Q, but as i always say in SL we create our own Dynamic, there will be groups of individuals who gather together as a community, such as kid avies or the LGTB gang, but SL is so diverse anyway,
  3. maybe a viewer issue, i get this using only one particular viewer, any others its oki
  4. yep all the time, i run SL on a Lappy, middle of the range,i have found a useful gadget that sits underneath the laptop, that has 3 mini fans, powered from a USB point, helps to cool it down. also another useful tool is a small program called speccy, which on analysis tells you the core temp of your CPU/motherboard,i think its freebie
  5. Seems a few external agencies are tweaking and working to get a solution, saw this on Xchange4L$: 2013-05-15 Xchange4LS will be back soon Since the change in the ToS we have made a lot of thought how we can offer our services again without violating the ToSof Linden Labs. We have found a solution and are going to implement it. We will offer you a new opportunity to exchange Linden dollars soon.
  6. Uriel Broadfoot

    Prim probs

    my land a homestead sim, says under the objects tab that i have 356 prims rezzed, i have max 60 out tht i can count, if i highlight my objects it shows prims that arent mine, any suggestions?
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