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  1. cant find , anyway could someone download the model , I am sure it is there the problem but I can't get what is it ...
  2. I cant even find that folder, in romaing data doesnt exhist .
  3. Hello , I was trying my first experiments with rigged meshes ... I know how to rig and all stuff in 3dsmax , but my problems arise when I try to import, I have downloaded the latest importexporter collada FBX 2013.2 I use 3dsmax 2011 I applied all required checks and zup ... I export so the DAE and when I try to import it says Missing required level of detail so the preview is empty ... Then Error DAE parsing issue see log for detail but I dunno where to see logs , also I amusing firestorm latest version ... the model works fine in max , is perfectly rigged etc , I even added all bones ju
  4. Since I have read that meshes can impact so bad on perfrmances of a sim then how will be handled the supersmap of mesh clothes we will soon seen in SL ? Hpw will be possible to protect regions from overcoming of people with lot ofmesh clothes?
  5. Would be possible to include Occluders to the mesh release? Special feature prim that hidden inside meshes or prims can screen out all the non visible geomtry from rendering , this is used in most modern games saving ot of render times... it woudl be possible ot include that in meshes?
  6. Heheh we love the Cryengine don't we ? ....
  7. I have to correct myself on one point , the morph targets shoudl be implemented for mesh too and for all other normal builders , may be not for face morphs but for body moprhs are a necessity becouse of the upcoming ton of clothes that will be made with mesh , without proper morph target on body that allow to follow the body stretches of the client there will be lots of issues in the clothes with custom avatar shapes...
  8. Premade morphs woudlln't work , it's impossible to preview what people may like in their shape and mostly would be a ton of work that actually for free is not worth it ... the only solution is a LL support... As I see it the mesh avatar 2 should be something looking like this : 
  9. All the body have morph targets u can increase inflate deflate stretch etc any part of the mesh for customization purpouses so any overriding mesh over the original avatar will just look fixed and unchangeable ... apart following the skeleton rig ...
  10. Maybe could help voting for this ..... https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25904
  11. May be would be usefull to vote on this ... https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25904
  12. As I said I can model texture uvmap and rig , but I cant do all alone as I don't have all that free time actually ... but mostly if sincere support from LL about implementation of morphing and facial animation isn't provided the whole project has no point to start....
  13. Something like interactive cloth would be possible in SL meshes after release may be? I think no other software would gain more than SL from having interactive clothes , but I coudl see the problematics of many people weaing those kind of garments ... http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/Components/class-InteractiveCloth.html anyway something like that woudl be possible or doable in SL?
  14. Thankyou but I still didn't understand one thing about the size ... let's say my building is as wide and biig as one sim like 64 m , and I was wise enough to make the ppieces that compose it at maximum 64 m size , what would happen? woudl my building be shrienked to a 64 m whole or instead keep the maximum size but with the meshes that compose it at 64 as max? so if my building in few words is bigger than 64 , but the siingle meshes are pair or under 64 m , will the proportions and size be respected on upload?
  15. Naiman Broome

    Flexi mesh

    Will it be possible to create flexi mesh ? May be adding a small limited bone structure rig ?
  16. Why not just considering addressing the problem to a group of volunteers that can screen all the problems and needs that the project would require in meanwhile ? Me and a few others coould work on making up a prototype and scan for the needed features and possible problem fixes so it could be easier to work on the direct implementation of this by one or two ll coders I guess?
  17. With the richer content the meshes will allow as well as the new sapes and freedoom increation I think it is urrgent and mandatory to fix tis problem once and for all befoure the release of the meshes.... https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6713 pllease vote and help soolve this ....
  18. Naiman Broome


    Hi I would like to know if are previewed also introduction of materials with the meshes , to my opinion meshes without a proper bit alpha sorting and materials to give at least a minimum selective shine or bump are very much limited in their look and proper use ... What are the specs about this subject?
  19. Hi I would like ot ask if it will be possible , and if so how and if how , how much will cost, Creating a whole scene , let's say a Huge building with all its details , like archs , doors , windows , frames, interiors , decorations , lights etc.... in 3d application then exporting this into SL Or would require a insane weird amount of uploads of single objects that will just breack the scene and cause a lot of time waste when reassembling parts in SL?
  20. There is also the hackingway , downloaded rendered content stolen with Open gl programs that can download all ggeometry , textures and so on , so ppl can always steal , the problem is that LL should put a "POLICE" group that checks constantly on unautorized products and copied content , I can't go now throught the whole list of the people that copied my products by donwloading and then reuploading or even just downloading altering and then uploading as altered form to show its more "original" ... The DMCA is useless so far as the people just reuploaded again after a while and plus we need to s
  21. No Daniel is not about procedural generation , that's another thing is about how to design instances in the same original model ... anyway seems that LL has no plans for optimizing the mesh right now .....
  22. I actually didn't understand much your post ... or the meaning of it.... What I stated is that the new Avatar 2 will be different from normal mesh works avatar replacement , it should have LL support in the way to adopt and be able to make morph targets and new skeleton and of course new model and uvmap with larger texture , this will put the actual avatar on a second level compared to the new , both will coesist and the people will be able to choose 2 avatars the main one 2.0 or the main one 1.0 that's all , it has nothing to do with normal other people works on meshes ... and woudl have feat
  23. Yes but I didn't mean instances of the object but Instances of sub object elements .... Imagine a fence made of 100 bars , and of those just 5 are modeled and the others instanced ... This opposed to a 100 bars fence that each is different from the other...
  24. I understand the one project at time , but the meshes are nearly out , and many mesh clothes will come for the old avatar , it woudln't cost much to LL to create a special subdivision of volunteers paired with a couple of LL for techynical advices and solution " .... The main important thing for the new avatar is : 1 MUST be available for everyone and be the new Standard for the avatar so all people can work on it. 2 there shouldn't be the possibility to create other custom avatar replacement coded as alternative to the main form ... ( I do not mean no new avatar mesh like puppet
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